Mar. 1st, 2013

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So hey, long time no post, eh? Stuff has indeed happened! The most exciting of which is I am destined for [ profile] muskratjamboree in less than a month!

Somehow [ profile] mizubyte and I managed to get our panels selected! Yay! Except all three were selected and we had to orphan one. Boo! But [ profile] cee_m grabbed the 3some panel we had to orphan so it'll be awesome! Yay!

Anyway, one of the panels we could NOT give up was Fandom Osmosis: All The Stuff You Know About Fandoms You Aren't Even In panel on the Sunday. We're kicking off the panel with some pub-style pan-fandom trivia.

Now because Miz and I aren't experts in all things fandom and because we are lazy we need YOUR help to come up with trivia questions! What kind of stuff do you know about fandoms you're not in? Are there tidbits you know about your own fandom that you think a casual reader might pick up on?

Example question:
Fandom: Supernatural
Question: "What kind of car does Dean drive?"
Answer: __________

We are collecting questions IN THIS SCREENED-COMMENTS POST Feel free to leave as many suggestions as you like!

Please do not leave trivia question suggestions in THIS post as everyone will see them! (Random squee is welcome though. As are pictures of Ray.)

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