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I'm BACK Bitches!

So hey, guess what I did on Friday? I posted my [ profile] bandombigbang! At like, ass-o-clock in the morning because I HAD to get it out before the weekend and there was no way I was gonna have time to do it at work. I spent all of Friday being sleep deprived and slap happy but I'm so SO relieved to have it done. I mean, I know it could have used another few days polishing but W/E, W/E, gawd I'm just glad to have it FINISHED. I will have my EVENINGS BACK. (Seriously I was spending every spare moment I had working on that thing. I really cut it fine. Thank GOD for [ profile] mizubyte and [ profile] desfinado being awseome.)

Oh lord, I can't believe I actually finished it and posted it.

I also cannot FATHOM that it started as a PWP. It was just going to be a porny 'lil sequel to Reaching Through The Mirror you know, a little Frank/Frank action to follow up the Gerard/Gerard piece, 10k TOPS. But no, one little "oh hey wouldn't it be interesting if..." and suddenly it's a big bang.

Nearly 60k of big bang. Dear GOD. And all I wanted was a Frank/Frank/Gerard threesome - IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? No apparently I have many MANY words about this RIDICULOUS time travel 'verse. My porn grew a plot, you guys! LIKE A WEED.

Anyhoo, if you like the sound of a great big pile of words that is basically me using time travel as an excuse to write lots of porn and dress skunkhawk!Frank in Killjoys garb, feel free to check out James Cameron Got It Wrong. It's like my love letter to the Terminator movies, right down to the ridiculous logic and plot holes. You have to love James Cameron for giving us those.

If you don't feel like reading the fic, dear GOD just treat yourself and check out the AMAZING art by [ profile] my_twistedshell which is GORGEOUS. I am IN LOVE with it and her. *_____* I also have three gorgeous mixes, that seriously nearly made me CRY, they're so good. Free music, anyone?

Also, I'm just going to leave this here:

Because, you know, if Frank were to run into his clone he would "embrace the double. And use it to DO THINGS." And he would be happy to have another person LIKE HIM around. And the rest of the band think this is all FABULOUS and would do the same. And Mikey thinks they should come up with a secret code RIGHT NOW because obviously this is going to happen and they need to have a PLAN.


The other cool part of getting my evenings back is that I can now catch up on all the awesome fic I haven't been able to read because I've been writing crazy timetravel fic. I've already knocked over [ profile] mistresscurvy's On The Midtown Direct which adorable and sweet and awesome and I've loaded up my Kindle with a bunch more including [ profile] tabula_x_rasa's King and Country and [ profile] turps33's hookerfic Every Word Not Spoken To You and [ profile] kopperblaze's mail-order-bride!Frank fic, and [ profile] jezrana's prohibition era crossdressing Gerard! Ugh, SO MUCH FIC TO READ. Not to mention the fic I missed BEFORE bbb posting started like [ profile] tuesdaysgone's 2nd Killjoy fic Bulletproof Heart (I know, I know, I've been MISSING OUT. I'm HANGING to read this) and even [ profile] theopteryx's space pirates fic Apastron (YES I KNOW, UNDER A ROCK, I've been under a ROCK. I'm AWARE.)

That's only the beginning! I'm loading more tonight. And reading ALL THE THINGS. *rubs hands together gleefully*

Please DO feel free to let me know in the comments which BBB's knocked your socks off so I don't miss them!


Guys, all the feelings. I am FEELING THEM.

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