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My life. So hard.

So [ profile] kopperblaze Ray-spammed me yesterday and now I have ALL THESE TABS I CAN'T CLOSE.

How can you NOT SMILE?


Just. Ugh.

and he's also a fucking guitar god.

And then there was Frank showing us EXACTLY how he does it. In bed.

Seriously Frankie.... UNF.

And Gerard looking like a cult leader.


Oh and Spencer wants to HUG YOU.

It's just so fucking CUTE.

And the motherfucking WAYS.


In other news, [ profile] greedy_dancer, [ profile] mizubyte, [ profile] turps33 and I were twit-ficcing yesterday, in the vein of "bandom boys run a gym". Because you know you want to read all about Mikey's Brit-pop yoga class and Frank's Thrash and Pole. Gee's Alterna-Gym

Lastly, I should probably give up on getting something written for [ profile] bandombigbang Wave 2 already, but I'm like a dog with a bone and I'm not ready to pack it in just yet, even though I'm not even sure which story I'm writing and the one I've got the best "brain-plan" for is not a popular pairing. Oh well, I'll see how I go.

What tabs have YOU been unable to close lately, f-list?
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All the Ray in one place is amazing. Also, Ways! I'll never get over that.

Gerard's Alterna-Gym ♥ I keep thinking of it and laughing, and hoping that they all get their happy ever afters fucking like bunnies on the mats and in the showers.

I've had this ( tab and this ( one open for a long time. I love both pictures so much.
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That run of Ray-beaming is such a lift. You cannot physically frown while being inundated with Raysmiles.

Oh god I keep giggling about that twit-fic too. I want the Pedicone/Ray in the shower HOMG.

I am not surprised at ALL at your tabs. They are SO gorgeous though. God I had such a hard time not just staring at Mikey the entire gig at iTunes fest. I have NO IDEA how he's so fucking hot. *sigh*

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I love how exasperated Gerard looks, which was the main reason why I giffed it, lol. HANDS UP, COME ON. BAD FOLLOWERS. HANDS UP.

Uggggh, Ray, how are you even.

I'm planning on writing gen for Wave 2 and I TOTALLY HAVE A PLAN AND AN OUTLINE-Y THING OF AN OUTLINE AND NOW IF I COULD JUST GET GOING WITH IT, THAT WOULD BE GREAT. /o\ /o\ /o\ 'Cause I feel like BBB is actually one of the best places to write gen, so. I should actually WRITE IT.
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Oh man you MADE THAT? SO COOL. I didn't realise you actually giffed it. It's SO FUCKING COOL.

I will never get over Ray motherfucking Toro. Nuh-uh.

Oh man your brain and my brain are totally in the same place in regard to BBB. I just need to stop procrastinating and write this fucker. *grumble* YOU SHOULD TOO BB.

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Yeah! :D Usually when I tweet gifs that are... uploaded to tinypic I've made them. That probably isn't a good way to determine if I've made something. But I'd feel weird going "I made this!" every time, lol. But yeah, tumblr links = not mine unless they link to my tumblr (underthisweather) (like the Tumbr version I made of that same Gee gif:, tinypic gifs = usually mine, especially when I tweet them at people. ... I have no idea why I wrote this all, um. /o\ /o\ /o\ It's not like you have to know this, lolll, omg.


Ugh, your icon. *_______*

I knooooow. But I also want to picspam the making of I'm Not Okay and the HP premiere and... right now I'm playing on Neopets and listening to MCR. WHY, SELF, WHY.

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I feel like Ray's smile might possibly be even more amazing than his hair. POSSIBLY! Also, that Spencer gif is so MESMERIZING! I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT IT! And when did Mikey start growing actual facial hair? Om nom nom!

Uhm hello, your BBB problem sounds EXACTLY like mine. Get out of my head! Like I WANT to finish something for BBB but my pairing is pretty much non-existant and then I went and put them in a AU setting. If I could focus enough I might even get something out before the deadline, but for some reason I forgot how to write and yet I am unable to give up on making the BBB deadline. HALP!
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When the man beams AND headbangs at the same time the outcome is AMAAAAZING. Oh and I can't agree more about Spencer Smith Wants To Hug You Dot Gif. It's so cool.

Oh man HELLO BRAIN TWIN. I think I just need to knuckle down and write SOMETHING, whatever it is, whether I make the deadline or not. I'm just still suffering some fatigue from Wave 1, I think. You should just WRITE SOMETHING. ANYTHING that takes your fancy and run with it! \o/?
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UGH YOU ARE RIGHT BUT WRITING IS HAAAAAARD! I was so stalled on the fic I was planning to hand in and JUST after I commented here I rediscovered a WIP I had actually started for last year's BBB and never finished and IDEK IF IT WOULD WORK BUT I KIND OF WANNA WRITE IT. But it is like, NO ONE WILL WANT TO READ IT! MY LIFE IS SO HAAAAARD!

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this (

this (

this (

this (

this (

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Oh my god, do you know where that third one is from? *_____*

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The Hurricane Festival, I believe. I have it ripped and downloaded, but I'm on my phone at the moment, so it will be a few hours until I can upload. I know it's on YouTube and it was a fairly long video (over 10 mins) and that happened within minute 8, so if you go look at the videos linked on mcr_u, you might find it. It was def official festival coverage ripped from a TV.

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Thanks! It doesn't seem to be Hurricane or any of the more recent ones, going by the shirts. Or wait, did you mean Gerard on the floor? Because that was Hurricane, yeah. I was talking about the one with Gerard and Frank. :D

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Oh, whoops. Sorry! Clearly fail at clicking links on my phone. Yeah, I have no idea which show, exactly, that was from. The U.S. tour at some point.

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Hee, that's okay. Thanks anyway!
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I recognise 4 out of 5 of those - you are REALLY not having any luck closing them, are you? I remember them from tweets DAYS AGO now.

In other news, the third one I had not seen and it is AMAZEBALLS. What are they DOING? *STARES* Is that a stuffed penguin? Oh Frankie....

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I did close mine, so I can't find them. :(

But I am so close to done on my BBB! 200 words from word count, and I have the rest of the scenes written down. There are 10 more. Or 9. Or 11. I can't remember, and I'm at work, so can't look.

I just realized mine is gen. Weird.
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I did close mine, so I can't find them. :( AWWWW. Sads. Although perhaps it's for the best. All these open tabs are getting unwieldly.

HEY GO YOU! 200 words from goal - and ten scenes to go? You'll totally crack that!

Ha, gen is not a bad thing. It's unusual though!

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Well, it's pretty much all plot. And the sex... um, let's just say it's a bad thing. Really bad. And it happens offscreen, for reasons that will be clear.

I'll definitely hit word count, but I really want to finish before my beta leaves on vacation, which is two days before the draft is due, and I'm not sure I'll make it. Cross fingers for me!

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Oh my god that GIF OF FRANK ugggggggggggggggggggh ♥___________________♥

I am feeling the exact same way about Wave 2! I HAVE HOPE I WILL GET IT DONE. SOMEHOW.

(rare pairs are the besssssssst do it!)

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UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I have no doubt in my mind that that's what Frank looks like when he's getting his freak on. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND.

Oh man, wave 2 is gonna kill me at this rate. It's only 10 000 words thought right. RIGHT? I've written 10 000 words of just BLOW JOBS and HAND JOBS I can totally swing this, right? *facepalm*

I have such a hard relationship with pairings. I love my OTPs but I can so often get to a point where I feel like I keep writing the same story over and over, and other pairings are so shiny and new and awesome but then I get the sads when I don't get as many readers. Oh darnit I should just write the story that's begging to be written, right?
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Ray's smiiiiiiiile ♥_______________________♥
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Oh, thank the world for people who share gifs of smiling Ray (and also for existence of Smiling Ray). Seriously, was in such a foul mood until I saw the gifs... So thanks for sharing :D

And like, regarding BBB - if no one wrote "unpopular pairings" fandom would be a less interesting place to be ;) Good luck whichever way you choose to go! Hah, Way... Uhm. *snickers*

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It's impossible to be sad when looking at that face. Instant mood-lift.

aahahha Way. Wrong way! Right Way! I amuse myself.

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hi o____________o
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I was like 'lalalala aww cuteness and awesomeness' all the way until I got to the picture of Gee and Mikey and then I promptly CHOKED ON MY OWN TONGUE, HOLY BEJESUS THE SHEER FUCKING HOTNESS NNNGGHHHHHHHH.
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I haven't had a chance to watch the iTunes Festival yet but omg I am SLIGHTLY TERRIFIED because everyone on my flist is like IT IS THE GREATEST THING SINCE EVER. I NEED TO PREPARE, OKAY. And by "prepare," I mean have chocolate and mood-altering substances handy.
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Oh man I haven't watched the stream yet, but if they managed to capture even HALF of the cuddling/touching/sheer awesomeness I saw with my own eyes at that gig, it is truly a thing of beauty. SUCH a good show. You will LOVE IT. :D

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shininess :D

thankfully I'm finished with my wave two bbb(I wrote it in March when my wave one fic was still nonexistant) but it's mostly Gen with instances of alluded to pairings twice and one sex scene(and none of the pairings can be considered common*well one maybe kinda isn't as rare as the others but *shrugs**)

HI and good luck with bbb *shakes sparkly pom poms*
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You are a writing MACHINE. I will forever be a last minute lucy, racing to the deadline. Wow I am bad at deadlines.

Mostly Gen sounds like it'll be an interesting 'verse! And interesting pairings too!

Thanks bb. You have no idea how encouraging that is. :D

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I don't know about MACHINE. If I was a machine I'd have more done than I already do. Sometimes I end up just having to scrub the challenge. It's a fifty-fifty coin toss sometimes. And I only have my wave 2 fic done this early because I was having soooooo much trouble with all my bbb wave one ideas and I needed a break. And in a week/week and 1/2ish I had 15k and my wave two story.*hands* Then I was finally able to figure out what to do for my wave one fic.

God I hope so. It would be shiny to have more people read and comment on it.

*SPINS YOU*... YOU CAN DO IT*holds up neon painted sign*. I'm totally cheering for you. Yes, even in the slightly obnoxious teenager way :D:D:D

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OH MAN. I fucking love this post and everything in it.

And dude, if a pairing/fic is calling to you, WRITE IT. I mean. You wrote time-traveling selfcest for BBB Round 1. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING :DDDDDD
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LOL TIME TRAVELING SELF CEST. That's such a fine way of putting it. LOLOL you make a fine point there sweetheart, surely any pairing I choose can't possibly be as ridiculous as Frank/Frank. What was I THINKING?

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There are heaps of people who like so-called unpopular pairings so on no account let that stop you from writing. Good luck!
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OMG my love for him knows no bounds. You're right I shouldn't let pairing popularity sway me, I should just write the story I have. God I love my flist.

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Trust your flist, your flist is always right!

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FUCK POPULAR PAIRINGS. We need more variety. All respect to you and your OTP and the way OTP works, but I'm ignoring my to-read list right now because if I read about Frank and Gerard falling in love one more time I'm going to scream. Write something else!

Plus, I think the fic I'm going to get done for wave 2 is a happy Bert/Gerard one. Where Mikey and Brian both approve. I dare you to come up with something more unpopular than that.

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In my vampBB Bert and Gerard break up, and Frank is actually on Bert's side. Because Bert is awesome.

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Oh man, I would love to see that! I could actually buy that, too, since Frank always stayed pretty close to The Used.
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I think the fic I'm going to get done for wave 2 is a happy Bert/Gerard one

I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DID!!! The one thing I keep hoping for each year at BBB time is a epic happy-ending Bert/Gerard story by a good writer, but so far it's never happened.

[identity profile] 2011-07-12 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know about epic, but it's Bert and Gerard as juvenile offenders on community service orders, with Brian as their probation worker. Gerard is scared of Bert at first because Bert is genuinely badass while Gerard just got in trouble because he was taking the fall for Mikey's Disney video piracy operation. But there's an epic thing involving graffiti and Gerard eventually realises that Bert only tackles him to the ground and bites him out of LOVE.

Also they are faily and don't know what to do about their crushes and separately go to Brian for advice and Brian's just like "Fuck this, I'm your probation worker not your agony aunt, go pick up some fucking litter."
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THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!!! The scenario sounds so right! Now I know what I'll be waiting for in wave 2!!
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Raaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ♥_♥

Also, that Spencer gif? [ profile] greedy_dancer tweeted it @ me yesterday and so now i have it on my phone and I keep fishing it out of my purse constantly so I can look at Spencer wanting a hug. I did that at the movies tonight, even. >_< I can't help it, SPENCEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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Sad thing is, that first .gif was from the HoB Record Release show I went to. ):> I miss seeing Ray's smile in person. PICTURES AND .GIFS DO IT NO JUSTICE!