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Fanmix: Please Be All Mine by xoxxblitz7

Please Be All Mine by [ profile] xoxxblitz7

01 - P!nk - Raise your glass
02 - New Found Glory - Kiss me
03 - The Killers - Mr Brightside
04 - Joan Jett - Bad Reputation
05 - The Used - Earthquake
06 - Murderdolls - Lets go to War
07 - James - Hey, Ma
08 - Brand New - Jaws theme swimming
09 - The Cure - Let's go to bed
10 - Madina Lake - Welcome to oblivion
11 - Orson - Happiness
12 - Alanis Morisette - Head Over feet


Author's Notes: I knew to expect something good when I saw who claimed me, but this mix really blew me away. The songs [ profile] xoxxblitz7 chose are so beautifully relevant and tap into the emotions and events of the story in such a gorgeous way - she's obviously put a lot of thought into this mix and I'm SO appreciative. I've had it on my iPod since the day I got it!

From P!nk's Raise Your Glass, which really embraces the fun spirit of the guys at the hotel party, to Joan Jett's Bad Reputation (which I can't help attributing to Frankie and Gee and their political statements) this mix rocks hard. I had never heard the Brand New cover of Kiss Me before and it's so fucking perfect for the scene in the hotel room it HURTS.

There's so many awesome bands on here like Murderdolls, The Killers and The fucking Cure! Mister Brightside works SO well for the scene between the buses, and seriously - shortcut to my heart putting a Cure song on this mix, Robert Smith gives me so many feelings at the best of times. Let's Go To Bed is SO perfect for the sexytimes and Jaws Themes Swimming just FEELS like the dust storm to me. Alanis Morisette's Head Over Feet, god it just stole my heart - it works SO hard for Mikey and Ray's relationship, it's like THEIR SONG, you know?

I saved The Used's Earthquake for a final mention because GOD what a perfect song. So much longing, the way it fits with the sudden attack AND with the worry and separation and it's just RAY all over. Cause baby I'm not all right when you go / I'm not fine, Please be all mine. Perfect song, perfect title, simply AWESOME mix.

Thank you SO MUCH Holl, this is GORGEOUS.

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I' so glad you like it! :D I had no idea this was going to be you, but I'm glad it was! You wrote Mikey/Ray! :D

You've basically summed up EXACTLY what I thought for each song! What you've described is excactly what I had in mind for the songs/scenes in the fic!

So glad you liked this, and I love the fic! Mikey and Ray all hopeless *_____________________________________*

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You didn't know it was me? Hahaha OMG I was convinced you only claimed the fic because you'd figured it out.

Obviously, you chose the songs wisely and they make perfect sense because we're completely in synch on where they fit. That's talent.

Thanks so much for the mix, I'm so happy you liked the fic! I haven't been this nervous about posting in a fic in forever, so it means a lot. ♥

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Haha, no I had no idea it was you! I picked the fic because it's Mikey/Ray (my secret OTP, as you can probably tell my all the fic I've been writing!) and it sounded awesome, which it was!

That is talent, I'm glad we're on the same level!


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Besides, you had no reason to be nervous! It's awesome! Though I do know how you feel, I was crazy nervous about posting my wave two!