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Awesome Ladies!

I know I'm being posty-mc-post-a-lot lately (and I swear it has NOTHING to do with procrastinating on my BRBB fic *coughcoughcough*) but I have another thing to share!

The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II

I recorded a short piece for this amazing anthology, which this year included 104 woman-centered stories by 86 different authors and 47 different podficcers in 64 fandoms - guys that is 7.5 HOURS of podfic. Wow.

Here is the piece I did, but I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to check out the rest of the anthology via the link above, you can download in various ways and there are so many excellent stories and readers - and a lot of great new (or new-to-me) readers too!

Title: It's About This
Author: [ profile] rivers_bend
Reader: [ profile] ladyfoxxx
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Married to Bandom Boys; Jamia/Lindsey/Alicia
Rating: NC17
Runtime: 00:07:36
Summary: …this isn’t about being wives or mothers or any of that. It’s about sex and affection and orgasms and laughter…

Mediafire Link: here
Direct Link: here (Right click and save to download)

Streaming Player:

This is only my very second podfic experience and it was such a rushed one. [ profile] podklb prodded me to see if I'd be interested in participating, which I absolutely was and the moment she mentioned the anthology I knew I wanted to record this story. Of course between all the crazy of [ profile] no_tags and my ongoing battle with [ profile] bandomreversebb I didn't want to make any promises and then recorded the fic on the DUE DATE (in my upstairs closet, while the rest of the household was asleep, because that's how I roll) and managed to squeeze in editing it at work and got it in VERY late but [ profile] bessyboo was so, SO lovely to let me submit late and add my voice to this awesome project. My piece is not as polished as it could be, but I'd rather have it in there a little rough than not be part of it at all.

Of course I'm about an hour into listening to it and freaking out slightly because all these readers are SO GOOD - really REALLY good, you guys, (like [ profile] shiningartifact levels of good, which is waaaaay up there, you know). I am a) worried about measuring up and b) it's coming to my attention that I went a lot pornier with my story choice than most, I really hope I wasn't being inappropriate, but I can't think of anything more awesome and liberated than three girls having awesome hot sex in a hotel room as a precursor to watching their equally hotass husbands rock out. Am I right?

Anyway, even if you aren't into podfic, I encourage you to read the fic, it's excellent, hot and gorgeous and the kind of girl-on-girl fun with heart and SOUL that I've been hanging for in bandom for a long time.

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