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You're My Guitar Hero: A Fanmix by [ profile] almostblue

A Mix for "We Used to be Friends" for BBB 2012
by [ profile] fictionalaspect

[Download Here]
[Or stream it here]

01. Whatever Happened to my Rock N'Roll (Punk Song) - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
02. Cute Without the E (Cut from the team) - Taking Back Sunday
03. Bleeding Powers - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
04. My Town - Armor for Sleep
05. Teenage Victory Song - Weezer
06. You're Pretty Good Looking - The White Stripes
07. Hopeless Romantic - The Bouncing Souls
08. Roots Radicals - Rancid
09. You're my Guitar Hero - The Insurgent
10. Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used
11. You're all I've Got Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins
12. Love Interruption - Jack White
13. Tart - Elvis Costello
14. A Mess to be Made - The Format
15. Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash
16. There Goes my Mouth Again - The Stereo
17. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - MXPX

Mixer's Notes: This draft was awesome, and I had so much fun mixing for this story. I hope my author enjoys it!

Author's Notes: Oh my god this mix. This mix. I have to admit I was a little star struck when I saw who picked my fic for mixing (not like her masterlist is burned into my brain or anything) so I had that moment "oh my god now she's gonna read my draft \o/" followed by "oh my god now she's gonna read my draft /o\ PANIC"

Anyway, back to the mix. This mix is excellent! It's just so Frank. I can imagine him having every single one of these songs in his music collection, they just feel right. The way they tap into the plot and emotion of the story is just magical, from Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll which just sums up Frank at the start of the fic through to Teenage Victory Song which is just the Frank and Mikey high school anthem. The romantic storyline is absolutely represented with songs like Hopeless Romantic and You're Pretty Good Lookin and I love, love, love Tart - it's so perfect for the emotions in that part of the fic.

Lastly but definitely not leastly, the MXPX cover of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) is THE MOST PERFECT SONG EVER for the end of the fic. I have NO WORDS to describe how wonderful it is and how much air punching was involved when I first heard. Dear [ profile] fictionalaspect you are a GENIUS and I love this mix an awful LOT. ♥

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This is one of the most kickass mixes I've seen. Even without reading the story (yet, it's dled into my nook thanks to being available on AO3), I can deffo see Frank in the song selections as well as being able to image Frank and Mikeyway's relationship. In truth, I'm partly curious, partly in awe of such a great playlist. :D!

so I had that moment "oh my god now she's gonna read my draft \o/" followed by "oh my god now she's gonna read my draft /o\ PANIC"

Hahahaha, I think all of us authors shared the same feeling when the claiming started. XD!

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What an awesome mix, it matches the fantastic story well.

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Great mix!
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Wow, this is an awesome mix! So perfect for the story.