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We Used To Be Friends - Art by [ profile] anna_luna

Art - One Piece by [ profile] anna_luna
Art rating: G
Spoilers for the fic!
Medium: Copic markers and watercolors on paper

Artist: [ profile] anna_luna, bandom fanart can be found at [ profile] gira_luna

Artist's notes: I really enjoyed reading this story and wish I had had more time to draw many more of the fantastic moments in it. I hope you like my take on Frank and Mikey. I took the liberty of skipping any tattoos on Frank that could not have been hidden by a long sleeved shirt and basically gave Mikey his Killjoy!hair.

It is a drawing for the last scene in the fic:

They're three songs into the setlist when James takes the mic again, pausing to banter with the audience.

"Hey, so we know some of you have come a long way to be here tonight, and we really appreciate that," he says, and he must be talking about someone Frank doesn't know, because as far as he's aware no one in the audience had to come further than NYC. Frank glances up from his guitar to scan the crowd, looking to see if James is singling someone out, but James isn't looking into the crowd. He's looking side stage.

Frank follows his gaze to see Mikey standing there with a bag on his shoulder, his hair a wreck and still wearing one of his stage outfits. Frank doesn't even think, he just tears offstage, to grab Mikey by the shirt and pull him down, needing to get his mouth on him. Mikey goes easily, his fingers curling into Frank's shoulders as he kisses back, all tongue and teeth as the guitar bangs between their bodies.

It's too much and nowhere near enough. The roar of adrenaline in Frank's body teams with the hot press of Mikey's lips over his and drives him crazy. When Frank breaks the kiss, blood roaring in his ears, Mikey's laughing at him.

Author's Notes: I'm not going to lie, when I first saw this amazing piece by [ profile] anna_luna I literally clutched my chest and got a little teary. The fact that she chose this particular moment of the story just makes me want to stamp my feet with glee. Just... their faces! Frank's blissful expression, and Mikey's hand on his waist and the guys in the background and Frank's tattoos and Ray's hair and just… *sigh* I don't know how [ profile] anna_luna manages to get so much of the emotion into the frame with lines and colour but she does and I'm so, so chuffed with it. Thank you for such a gorgeous piece [ profile] anna_luna!

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