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*crawls out from under a rock*

Hey look, I'm not dead! I've not posted for so very long I have no idea where to start! I've been back in Australia for 6 months and have a fair amount of sunburn to show for it. It's damn HOT.

I tend to pop up a lot more on Twitter than I do on LJ these days. I folded and got myself a tumblr as well, but I have to admit, I don't really GET tumblr yet. It's very pretty, yes, but I just don't really know what to do except reblog pretty pictures. I miss the part where there is communication and connection between people.

Anyway, it's 2013! Wow! I've not yet done my end of year fic roundup. I think I'm going to wait until after [ profile] bandomstuffsit reveals to do that so I can include the fic I wrote for stuffsit.

Speaking of - anyone want to hazard a guess which fic I wrote for [ profile] bandomstuffsit? I think the reveals are only a day or two away, but there's still time to guess! C'mon! I'll notfic you something if you get it right.

The fic I received for [ profile] bandomstuffsit is AWESOME. The Creation Of Beauty - it's Ryan/Spencer post-divorce fic with secret kinks and secret identities and longing and pining and Brendon oversharing and being awesome. I love it a LOT. You should check it out.

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the stuffsit fics as they've been posting, but the ones I've read I've been loving.

There were TWO a new excellent Ray/Ian fics!
Keep It Steady where they are both community centre guitar teachers and Tonight (We Are Young) - super sweet established couple fic!

This adorable Mikey/Ray where Mikey is a vampire: Release The Bats

And this awesome Mikey/Ray crossdressing fic which I LOVED: Second Skin

And this super-cute Pete/Mikey: Like Two Birds Of A Feather Would Be

I still have so many more to read! Yay new fic! So exciting.

I'd also like to participate in the Snowflake Challenge this year if I can manage it. I've already taken the first step and updated my fic Masterlist so it's all nice and shiny and up to date. The coding is a pain, but I always feel better once it's up to date.

How are you today lovely flist? How's 2013 treating you?

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Hi honey! It's lovely to see you here again <3333333

I am so terrible at guessing who wrote what for challenges like this, PLUS I am super behind on EVERYTHING, but I can't wait for the reveal and to catch up!

I haven't been on tumblr for more than like five minutes since before Christmas and I don't really miss it? Like, the pretty pictures are nice, and the fics told through gifs are awesome, but it's such a passive experience to me and I don't think it ends up making me happy, in the end. At least not too much of it. IDK. So I feel you on that.

So far 2013 has been pretty great for me! I'm excited about writing and about fandom and about REAL LIFE things :D How are you?

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HIIIIIIIIIIIII. It's nice to be back. I hope I can keep up the posting.

I am so behind on everything too! I am genuinely stumped as to who wrote my gift!

Oh girl we are so very much on the same page about tumblr. I still haven't been on it since before Xmas and I don't miss it at all!

I'm good! I start back at work tomorrow after two blissful weeks off. I don't know if I'm going to remember what it means to wear shoes anymore, I've been living in flipflops and bikinis! Ah well, it has to end sometime.

Good to see you bb! <3333

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So far so good on 2013. :D

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Yay! Glad to hear it <3
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Oooh, oooh, can I guess? Can I guess?
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I take it I'm not allowed to guess? ;-)

Also HIIIII I miss you!
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I miss you too! Thanks for all your help with stuffsit btw, it was so good to hammer out everything. I would definitely have never come up with the story idea without our brainstorming sessions.

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<3 It was great brainstorming with you too!
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Hello hello! I envy the Australian heat a lot right now, jsyk.

2013 has been good so far - not that there's much to it yet, lol - and I haven't read any of stuffsit so I'm going to guess BLIND: you wrote............... a 20k fic? lol

Hi! :D
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IDK if you'd envy me the heat if you were here. It's pretty inescapable!

Ahahahaha you are not THAT far wrong on your guess, but I won't say anymore as yet!


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Hiiiii lovely girl! Awesome to hear how you're doing, and I'm always into reading posts from you :D Happy 2013, hope it's a great one for you ♥
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Heeeey lovely girl! I'm always happy to read your posts too. Happy 2013! Hope it's rockin' good fun!
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Hi there!! So good to hear from you. Are you back in Australia for good or is it just a temporary thing?
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Not back in Aus for good - just a couple more months on this job and I'll be back London-way!

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Well, it's too late to guess. So I'm just going to say hi here, too.

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<333 (My fic was the most obvious, wasn't it? FANDOM OF THREE. /o\)

Glad to see you posting again! :) I'm going to follow you on tumblr. As far as I understand, it's not really made for conversations, though.

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HI. Can I just say how fucking awesome it is to see a post from you? I MISS you. <3 I have been terrible about commenting on LJ but I'm trying to be better in the hopes that I will start posting more myself. I miss the community too, and it's true that tumblr is pretty and fun but it's also not the SAME. I haven't been on tumblr for weeks and weeks and I do miss it a bit but I just... when things get cut from my fannish life due to lack of time, tumblr's the first to go for me.

I haven't gotten a chance to read ANY stuffsit fics, but I've got a million open in tabs, and now that reveals have happened, I can say that I'm DELIGHTED that the one I was MOST excited to read is by YOUUUU. :D :D :D

Are you going to do no_tags this year? I hope so!! I loved your story last year SO much. *______*

Allll of the hearts. ♥!!!

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so glad your back