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onthehill ([personal profile] onthehill) wrote in [personal profile] ladyfoxxx 2013-06-19 01:34 pm (UTC)

LOL - well it all started with X-files. Heee Gossamer! But I just wanted to find out other people's thoughts on Krycek, because I thought he was awesome. I was immediately plunged into Krycek/Mulder and Krycek/Skinner and occasional threesomes!
I think one of the writers had a Fanfiction.net account where there were some stories that she hadn't put anywhere else, and so I slithered over there and she'd also written in something called 'Gundam Wing' which I tried, and then spent maybe a year devouring EVERYTHING Gundam Wing. I mean EVERYTHING. I watched the series about halfway through the year, but TBH it was a little disappointingly lacking in angst! WOE. Still, I read nothing else, till I saw that one of my favourite writers had an LJ where she posted everything quicker.

Of course I trotted over to the bounty that was LJ, and followed my favourites again, and added in Buffy, and later Fullmetal Alchemist to my reading lists. Then a couple of them started writing in Supernatural. I read for a while and caught up on the show. And then - you guessed it - one of my favourite SPN writers started raving about MCR, just after Art is the Weapon was released. Heh. BANDOMSPLODE!

Oh, fandom ILYSoMuch! Where will you lead me next???

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