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Mine is very similar to yours, except instead of X Files I fell into fandom with Voyager.

I was a huge Paris/Torres shipper and joined a few Voyager mailing lists, and got my fannish feet wet sending LoCs to stories that were posted at a P/T ML. Like you I surfed webrings, all the time looking for Paris/Torres and Paris/Janeway fic, because I'd fallen headlong for Tom Paris. At that point I didn't know about slash, and in fact, had ignored MLs on E Groups under the heading slash because I thought they'd be about horror. Then one day I'd pretty much read every Tom story I could get my hands on, so I clicked on that E Groups link, and found my people.

The first slash fic I read was a Chakotay/Paris n/c torture fic. The first of many, because my goodness, Tom Paris was put through the wringer -- and I loved it. This is the point when I started to gobble down slash fic for every tv show I loved, X Files, Voyager, A Team, Highlander, Poltergeist the Legacy, and then, The Sentinel. That's the fandom where I got fully submerged in fandom, I joined mailing lists, read fic and wrote my first story. I've told you about that story before, but I'll always be grateful to the established fans who actually helped when I was a newbie writer who posted this huge wall of text and bad writing to a ML. Thankfully, it was one to help writers and not an actual finished product ML, but even so. The people who helped had the patience of a saint.

I stayed in The Sentinel for a long time. I wrote, joined MLs where you had to write dues --- angsty short stories every month or so -- to stay on the list, wrote slash fic, gen fic, that strange TS thing where you write gen and slash versions of the same story, fell in lust with Blair Sandburg, got ignored on a cliqu'ey ML, made friends on other MLs and generally had a blast in what was a h/c lovers dream fandom.

And then someone gave me a code for a LJ, and I found RPF and specifically popslash. RPF was such a touchy thing back then, so much so I seriously considered creating a sock journal to post my first Backstreet Boys story. But I didn't, and got defriended by some The Sentinel people and told by my TS beta at the time that rpf was raping the characters and she didn't agree with it all. Sadly it wasn't an isolated opinion, so much so that when I went to a slash con at the time I was told people who like rpf were lower that furries on the fandom levels and popslashers lowest of all -- which, thank you for that person I was sharing a table with.

But, I stayed in popslash -- including reading Savage Garden fic -- and made some amazing friends who are still around now, ten plus years later. Popslash is where I grew into being a fan. I kept writing, commented, ran communities and challenges and generally had a sparkly, amazing time. Until the day I saw Pete Wentz, and then, through reading fic about him, found Mikey Way, and though I clung onto popslash for a while, within months I was fully into bandom.

My first badom love was Mikey/Pete, but I quickly fell in love with every Mikey pairing going, and still love them all these years later.

Attitudes have changed so much since I've been in fandom. RPF barely creates a ripple now and I think there's much more acceptance of things like kinks and incest. People may not like them, but for the most part they don't condemn the people that do, and that's fantastic. So yeah, that's my story. Webrings, geocities websites, mailing lists and E Groups changed for DW/LJ, twitter, tumblr and A03. It makes you wonder what the next years will bring.

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