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annemari ([personal profile] annemari) wrote in [personal profile] ladyfoxxx 2013-06-19 03:49 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I keep forgetting I did stuff for those fandoms? Like, I was also in a BTVS + ATS etc forum where I made some Buffy graphics, and there were some actresses (like Emily VanCamp, Michelle Trachtenberg) who I was into (watched videos, made graphics), but mostly it was a solitary type thing, actually. I mean, barring Smallville and other forums where I sort of participated. I think if I'd have to count all my main fandoms that I've been into then I'd say... Emma Watson (NOT Harry Potter, because I never really read fic for that, lol. I read some Remus/Sirius when I discovered slash, but I wasn't really IN the fandom), then briefly Merlin (show + fic and participation, etc), then American Idol season 8 (but mostly Kris and Adam, and then only the Adam Lambert fandom) and then bandom. *CLINGS TO BANDOM* I don't think I've ever felt as home in a fandom as in bandom.

But yeah, I don't read a lot of fic in other fandoms, but I do sort of count them as "I'm into this" but, on a show level? So I'd say I'm into Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, and I used to be into Veronica Mars and such, but never truly in the fandom. Either because I just wasn't interested (Veronica Mars; it was more of a "my flist was into it and that was it", Skins, etc) OR I hate the majority of the fandom and haven't found a corner I really enjoy (except my tumblr dash,or feed, but I don't count that as a fandom, just as a good place) (Doctor Who and Teen Wolf fall under this, crol) (and I don't read fic for them, because nothing's calling out to me). I mean, you could also say that bandom would fall under "don't like the majority of the FANS" (I'm thinking of tumblr here), but yet I still am TOTALLY IN BANDOM because my feed is and I read it and write it, soooo. ... COMPLICATED idk idk. These are my thoughts. \o/

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