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turlough ([personal profile] turlough) wrote in [personal profile] ladyfoxxx 2013-06-19 06:30 pm (UTC)

I think it says a lot about how big it was that so many people seem to have started their fannish life in X-Files. It wasn't my gateway to fanfic fandom - that was Doctor Who - but it was the fandom I first read widely in.

I'd been quite active both on Usenet and on mailing lists back in the mid-late 90s but that was in science fiction book fandom and I didn't discover fanfic until after my back had gotten really bad and I'd to stop typing so much. It was either in late 1999 or early in 2000 when I discovered Dr Who fanfic on Usenet and about a week later I started wondering if there was any Turlough/Fifth Doctor fanfic and found slash. I never looked back :-)

It was through her Turlough/Fifth Doctor stories that I found Viridian5's website where I discovered first X-Files - where I spent several months happily reading lots and lots of Krycek/Mulder before I got bored - and then Buffy - mostly Xander/Spike - and Andromeda - first Harper/Dyland and then Harper/Tyr. After that I spent quite some time in assorted anime: Weiss Kreutz, Gundam Wing, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Saiyuki. Then for some reason I went back to live action with Stargate SG-1 for some months and then fell into my first book fandom with Harry Potter.

Through all these fandoms I'd been a complete lurker. I only read fic and never interacted with any other fans. Mostly because I didn't have either the mental or the physical energy since my back was so bad. I'd become aware of LJ in Harry Potter fandom but it wasn't until after I'd fallen into popslash in late autumn 2004 that tentatively started to interact with other fans again. I got my LJ in April 2005 and was very active in popslash until I couldn't avoid falling into bandom in early autumn 2007. (I completely blame Nafs and her Nick Carter/Patrick crossover story!) I tried to juggle two fandoms for a while but it didn't work. I'm definitely a serial monogamist where fandom is concerned. I read the occasional story in one of my old fandoms and do some graphics but mostly I'm still all about bandom. Or rather MCR since I quickly lost interest in Pete/Patrick and found Panic totally uninteresting. (Also, LOTMS really does have a lot to answer for :-)

I think it must have been because I was such a lurker because I'd no idea there was any stigma attached to RPS until after I'd fallen into popslash. I still feel quite bewildered by all the RPS hate that floated around back in the day. (And still does in certain corners of fandom I've noticed.)

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