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ladyfoxxx ([personal profile] ladyfoxxx) wrote 2013-06-20 09:05 am (UTC)

I think X-Files has a lot to answer for, at least in the world of online fanfic. I know the original Star Trek was the real pioneer, but I feel like X-Files was the big fandom right when the internet was starting to get widely used.

I think I missed Usenet completely, I was totally a mailing list and websites girl. In fact I think I would have remained a pure website-hopper if I hadn't written my first story and sent it to one of the websites, and the person who ran the website invited me onto the mailing list - if that hadn't happened I probably would have continued to be clueless about mailing lists too!

Oh MAN Viridian5! I LOVED her stuff. I read all her X-Files stuff (she wrote a Pendrell/Krycek/Mulder threesome I was terribly fond of) but I also read all her Once a Thief and Pike & Benny (BtVS the movie) stuff as well. Oh man, it's such a small world.

I never had an anime phase, but it seems most people in fandom have. I was a total lurker in any fandom I wasn't writing in, and that included all non-Pendrell X-Files stuff, I'm sad to admit.

LOTMS totally has a lot to answer for. It's damn inspiring material, yo! How can you NOT love MCR after watching that? HOW?

It makes me sad that there is still RPS hate floating around. I mean, I'm not surprised, but it's kind of sad that we still haven't moved past it completely. At least in most places we are no longer pariahs!

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