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Xena is not a fandom I was ever in, but I was so very happy it existed! I imagine it would have been a HUGE deal when the Gabrielle/Xena stuff actually became canon!

Oh wow, the thought of you reading a whole bunch of Bandom fic without knowing what they looked like is SO INTERESTING. What happened when you finally saw what they looked like? What did you THINK they looked like? I mean, I read a bunch of hockey fic just like it was original fic before I'd really gotten a look at any of the dudes and then when I finally saw them I was like, WOW, THEY'RE NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. Was it like that?

RPF is REALLY interesting in how flexible it is! I'm not sure WHY this bunch of dudes in bands have somehow become characters we like to see in a variety of AUs whether they be in space, or werewolves or detectives or what, but they ARE and we DO. It's SO fun.

Thanks for sharing your origin story bb!

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