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Old skool interneting, FTW!

From what I remember, people were INTENSE in the Xena fandom. The fanart (except for podfic--that's something that I didn't come across until I got on LJ) was off the charts. Who knows how enthusiastic it would've been if Xena had aired nowadays. It helped that the show and everyone involved with the show understood the high queer factor and served it up without being apologetic about it. The only really sucky thing was the series finale (in fic terms it ended up becoming really nonsensical ghostfic). :-/

After three months of reading Bandom fics, I was at a friend's house in early January 2011, flipping through his DVR. As it happened, he'd recorded the NYE show that had MCR performing in it. Soon as I saw them do Na, Na,Na and SING, I was a goner. Hunted down every Bandom primer, picspam, Tumblr post, all the music videos and interviews, etc. IT WAS GLORIOUS (Not a spoiler: IT STILL IS!!!!)

Overall, none of the Bandom peeps looked anything like I'd imagined. As a matter of fact, all them were HOTTER. >:)

Another thing I couldn't believe is that a LOT of the things people wrote about in the canon fics ACTUALLY HAPPENED (for example, Mikeyway and Gabe Saporta dirty dancing. *g*) Also, even after you put the vids and albums and performances to the side, there's tons and tons of canon available! Somehow, the hugeness of said canon (even if you look only at MCR, that was about a decade or so worth of canon left!) didn't overwhelm me. Keep in mind, that the canon for the previous RPF fandom I'd been in (C6D RPF) would add up to about 1.5% of Bandom's. Srlsy.

I'm totes nodding at your comment about the Hockey peeps. There was this one fic that I considered reading. It was...disappointing to find out what the dudes looked like. Like you, I didn't find them attractive at all so I soon lost interest in reading Hockey RPF. *hands*

In all truth, my getting into Bandom without any visual clues til later was a singular event. :P

RPF can be anything we want. Granted, that's also the case in FPF fandoms. What I really like about Bandom is the unpredictability of the peeps. They do awesome things, mottsy ones, etc. I like the complexity of their stage/public personae and how we can pick and choose how to approach them. In short, \Bandom/! Hee!

Thank you for this opportunity to look back. ^_^

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