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Hey hey hey, so it was pouring rain yesterday and I got soaked on the way to work :( but I dried out eventually and my day improved with the addition of a nice cup of tea and some Patrick Stump.

I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, but I'm going to try to post more and keep up with comments this year. And COMMENT ON FICS when I READ THEM, fuck I am so BAD at doing that. I spent most of my spare moments yesterday clearing my LJ inbox and answering comments from as early as like, July. So if you got a comment reply from me for something you posted ages ago - that's why!

Anyway - today is the reveals for the [ profile] bandomstuffsit! I'm taking a page out of [ profile] turps33's book and asking - does anyone want to guess which one I wrote? (Hint: If you're on twitter you'll know I was freaking because it involved writing characters I'd NEVER written before, and I was whining about it. So there's that, but I feel like aside from that aspect it is obvious from SPACE that I wrote it.)

Anyone got a guess? Anyone? C'mon play with meeeeee...

I'll also take this opportunity to pimp the story that was written for ME and say I'm rather desperate to know who wrote THAT too! It's The Things Frank Plays by SOMEONE AWESOME. Gerard gets hard to handle on tour so Lindsey hires him a hooker, in the form of FRANK. It's really fucking gorgeous, hot, adorable, funny and I just LOVE the way that Frank is written in it. And Gerard is so GERARD, and did I mention the sex? Because it is SMOKING.

How about a list of some of the other stories from the exchange I really enjoyed?

Half Assed Recs List! )

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there's still so many I haven't read! /o\ Which ones did YOU love, dear flist, so I can make sure I put them on my to-read list?

Oh man, I just realised that posting a recs list in the same post as a guessing post might be giving a lot away (though I did comment on all those fics so it's not like I'm giving THAT much away.)


Aug. 15th, 2011 09:10 pm
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Here is a few things in no particular order!

Signal boosts:

1. [ profile] pikasafire is hosting a not-in-November Nanowrimo! 50k in a month, and it doesn't even have to be ONE fic. I am going to try to finish all these WIPs I got lying around. We'll see how well I do with that, eh?

2. Over on dreamwidth there is a Really Awesome Looking Bandom Rec Meme going on. I read all the way to the bottom and got sad when I ran out of comments, so go rec stuff! There's a lotta Panic happening RN and you know what they say about variety? \o/?

3. [ profile] bigbang_mixup looks interesting! It's a reverse big bang where you can submit a fanmix and someone will write fic to it. Sadly, this one is all-fandom and it looks like no one from bandom is signed up as yet. I started thinking about a mix I'd like to make and wound up bunnying myself with a story. Oh my GOD I am NOT allowed to start any new fics. No no NO.

Has there ever been a Bandom Reverse Big Bang? That would be awesome. Someone should get on that. :D?

4. In my bbb procrastinations, I updated my Masterlist! Thanks everyone for your kind input in the poll, it was most helpful!

5. People are starting to talk about their BBB posting dates and art and mixes, but I haven't got mine yet /o\. Wave 2 has been so weird for me because it hasn't been a crazy big rush with me writing 20 000 new words in the last weeks before deadline. The fic itself hasn't really CHANGED that much in a while and I keep getting stuck in the "ugh, I don't like it, no one will read it whine whine whine" place. But hey, I am VERY excited for lots of new fic and so many of my favourite writers have written for this wave, so that's cool.

6. Anyone got time to look over a little 2k ficcy thing for me?

7. Because I am a sheeple, let's have this meme that everyone is doing:

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?

I know, I know, porn. Humour me?

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