Jan. 25th, 2011

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Okay gorgeous flisties, so it's now Australia Day in my home country. Which means you have approximately 19 hours left to bid on me at the [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction. What is this in aid of? My post where I explain why I'm participating. Obviously the worst of the actual flooding is over but there is a LOT of cleanup and a LOT of rebuilding to be done. Which means $$$ is the best way forward for a lot of my fellow Queenslanders - thus the fundraising!

What the winning bid will get - a minimum of 2k of fic (and hey, I'm wordy these days, it will likely be more) written by me! For you! Pairing of your choice - preferably one I've written before but hey, I am open to challenges. I will even try Waycest!

My bidding thread

Bid hard, bid often.

Also, for your reference (though I doubt it will be necessary, ha. Like I'm that popular), here is the local time in Sydney, Australia - bidding closes at 11:59pm EDT (ie. the time on that clock).

Happy bidding folks!

ETA. Completely off topic, but I was updating my Masterlist and I noticed my first two fics posted of the new year are both het and wife centric. Huh. I totally didn't plan that.

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