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greedy_dancer ([personal profile] greedy_dancer) wrote in [personal profile] ladyfoxxx 2013-03-28 11:15 am (UTC)

Awesome report, thank you! :D The panels sound amazing, as does the vid show (well, you know) and so many awesome fangirls in one place!!

I wish I could have been there SO BAD - I was mildly jealous before but when the MCR news broke it pretty much turned into heartbreak because all I wanted was being with people who KNEW how it felt, and hugs and not having to explain to Muggles why I was having such a rough weekend /o\ And at the same time, I was both horrified at the timing and bummed for you guys that it might ruin your con - but apparently it didn't, so YAY - but also strangely comforted to know that, yeah, somewhere in the world the fangirl crying and hugging was happening and it was like you guys were our ambassadors for the fandom at an International MCR Grieving Summit, hugging in all our name or something.

But really what I get from this is a renewed knowledge that I need to get myself to a fan con ASAP! And hopefully see you there! :D

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