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For some reason I read the first line in your comment and thought you were AT the panel and I was like WAIT SHE WAS THERE AND I DIDN'T GET TO HUG HER, NOOOOOO. But then I kept reading! And like, not that I'm GLAD you weren't there, I'm just glad I didn't MISS YOU.

And yeah I'm sure we'll be totally cool to post the Osmosis questions! They are totally not hard, I think we err'd on the side of easy, but the whole point was to make people realise how much they KNOW, not how much they DON'T know about other fandoms, right?

This was my first con experience, and I guess because of the MCR stuff I am not sure how I can rate it as a pure con experience because... well how often does the core of your fandom disband during a con? Not that often, I'd hazard a guess. But it was good to have klb to talk to about the whole con-drop thing and her being there to say "this is a thing that happens" was actually super helpful.

It can help to plan specific hangout time with people in advance, but even so, I always feel like I missed people. I feel like I should try this approach next time, but it probably still won't be enough! I want to see ALL THE FANGIRLS.

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