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I told you I was only ever going to do memes from now on. Here's two!

Hey look - my first DW crosspost! Go me! (I sure hope this works now). I actually started this post a while ago by my internet has been bodgy so here are some now-out-of-date statistics!

I saw a bandwagon that wasn't full so I jumped on it. Here's My Top Ten fics on AO3 meme-thing. And I'm copying [personal profile] greedy_dancer and noting movement since last time I did the meme.

Top Ten Fics By Hit Count

1. James Cameron Got It Wrong (Previously #1) 6936 hits. I have a feeling this one will hold the top spot permanently, I can't see anything else taking it over unless I fall into a new and hugely popular fandom. It's a big bang with time travel and selfcest and all kinds of ridiculousness but I still love it a stupid amount

2. Price Of Pretty (Previously #2) 5087 hits. I still so TORN about this fic being number two because YAY SPANKING but augh, it was my 2nd fic back in fandom and in my pre-beta days, full of passive tense and grammatical issues and epithets galore! But it's still very close to my heart... and my loins.

3. Against The Wall (Up from #7) 3570 hits. This one has rocketed up from number 7! I have NO IDEA why? Maybe it got recced on tumblr? Um but yeah, dates back to when I used to be able to write a 2k fic. Pure PWP with D/s and name-calling and stuff.

4. While You Were Unconscious (New!) 2748 hits. My no-tags fic where Gerard is a creeper with a hot neighbor, loosely based on the Sandra Bullock movie While You Were Sleeping. I am surprised it's up so high, but I'm proud of this one and how I managed to write the whole thing in a week. Plus voyeurism - yay!

5. Reaching Through The Mirror (Down from #3) 2630 hits. So the prequel to JCGIW has slipped down in the running. Gerard is so sad that everyone wants to read about Frank fucking himself but are less interested in his own selfcest. Or something.

6. The Things You Say (New!) 2437 hits. Okay so the bathroom jerkoff porn is now in the top ten! I think maybe the whole Dom!Frankie series is getting recced around. But who doesn't love Gerard jerking off in a venue bathroom with Frank on the phone with a little Waycest reference on top for good cheer? That's right, no one.

7. Ass Kickin' Chick Music (Up from #9!) 2188 hits. MY HEART YOU GUYS. The always-a-girl!Frank/Gerard fic of my HEART and it has GONE UP. I am so happy this one is on the list. I love it so much.

8. Tell Me Something True (Down from #4) 2132 hits. So the Ray/Mikey backstory from Timetravel 'verse has slipped down a little but it still holds on in the top 8. Good, because RAY.

9. No Experience Necessary (Down from #6) 2114 hits. My first ever big bang! Pizza 'verse has slipped a few spots but remains in the top 10 and that makes me happy because this fic has quite a special place in my heart.

10. We Used To Be Friends (New!) 2042 hits. My lastest big bang (I didn't do the wave 3 last round) and my first long plotty Frank/Mikey that I wrote for Nano two years back. I really do love this fic a lot so I'm glad it's in the top 10 despite the less-popular pairing.

Reflections? Well the very top hitters are all still kind of there, just moved around a little. Seems the time travel 'verse and the dom!Frankie 'verse remain popular. The top 10 is all longfics, except for the short fics that are part of time-travel and dom-Frankie which I guess is logical.

Honorable mentions: Pete/Mikey/Patrick threesome Emergency Contact and my Umbrella Academy movieverse fic In Production came in at numbers 11 and 12 respectively, so even though they've slipped out of the top ten, they're still pretty up there.

MEME NUMBER TWO! Just because I feel like it,

Give me a title in comments and I tell you the story that would go with it. Note: you can specify a character or pairing too!

I will probably spin you a notfic of some kind.

In other news I got a story in for this year's [community profile] bandombigbang wave one. Woohoo! I totally decided to write it 2 weeks before draft deadline and just burned out a whole bunch of words that I didn't even read back before I sent it in (my poor poor artist and/or mixer). It's so ridiculous but I kind of love the idea, so I just need to get it finished and polished up. Not that I'm doing memes to procrastinate or anything... I wouldn't do that, right? *adjusts halo*

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