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This is so interesting. o____o Like, I never knew RPS was considered gross? (I mean, I DID know before I read this, but not when I got into fandom.) Then again, I got into fandom in 2004 right before the HP POA movie came out, so maybe by that point it was okay. Probably, yeah. Plus the first RPF I read wasn't slash, it was an Emma Watson story that someone posted in an Emma Watson forum, where Emma went on dates with Dan, Rupert and Tom, and ended up choosing Rupert, EXCEPT they made it seem like she chose Dan and there was a twist ending. SERIOUS STUFF. Actually, it was the first fic I read, period. I mean, it was kind of Mary Sue-ish, because EVERYONE was in love with her. BUT at the same time it's Emma Watson so it wasn't really a stretch! No, but so then I got LJ because people were posting their icons there.

Basically it took me 4 years after that to really get into slash and therefore fic. Meanwhile I was... making graphics on various forums (like, Smallville (I was into Clark and Lana. And Lana. Lana, Lana, Lana)) and then LJ (when I was into, like. Veronica Mars and Doctor Who. I never read any fic for these, hmm). And then in 2008 Merlin happened. And I wrote some Skins fic, I guess. Hmm. Fandom. *hands*

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