ladyfoxxx: Patrick is adorable (Patrick is a sweetheart)
ladyfoxxx ([personal profile] ladyfoxxx) wrote2014-05-15 05:03 pm

Ahahahahaha MEME.

So let's see what happens if I just pretend it hasn't been MONTHS since my last post and I just post a meme because it sounds fun and [personal profile] melusina told me to.


Give me a link or title to one of my fics (any 'verse/any fandom), and I'll give you a detail that didn't make it into the fic - it could be background canon, deleted material (if I have it), a look into the future - or ask me a question about inspiration, the writing process, research.

Most of my fic can be found here: My AO3 Works. I really should update my LJ/DW masterlist sometime...


*sound of crickets chirping*

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