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So I was just going to post a few pictures in the comments of this post to show [ profile] shiningartifact some of my favourite Patrick snaps and it appears I have a lot of them, so HERE! HAVE A PICSPAM entitled:

Why I Love Patrick Stump: A Pic and Videospam )

Hopefully any of my more Frank/Gerard oriented readers have gained a little insight into why I keep feeling the urge to shout "PATRICK STUMP GET IN MY PANTS!" now.
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Fandom: My Chemical Romance & Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3 469 words
Warnings: Sex and references to Twitter

Summary: Mikey comforts Pete after the shenanigans of the 1st Feb (Pete's doom spiral blog update/twitter-fest)
Author's Notes: For [ profile] b_dsaint because she needs good things and all my Pete/Mikey are belong to her anyway.

When Pete opens the door the last person he expects to see on the other side is Mikeyfuckingway. )
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Ten Drabbles Ficlets I wrote for The Masochist Meme. Some of them technically aren't Drabbles as they went a few hundred words over 1000. Actually none of them are Drabbles, as not one is exactly 100 words. (Thank you Wikipedia) So let's call them ficlets. But hey, who's in it for the technicalities anyway?

Gerard wants a threesome )

Bob's bunk gets invaded by a flailing midget )

Frank and Mikey get high )

Mike Dirnt tries to pick up )

Bert and Gerard porn )

Pete/Mikey, the wives know )

Frank/Gerard, pining )

Frank/Gerard, Bob's stuck in a room with them )

Ray/Brian, over breakfast )

Pete/Gerard, The Pillow Book )

And that's all. Thanks so much for the amazing prompts, every single one of them. I am really proud of what came out - in 24 hours no less! Thank you.
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Fandom: My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy
Title: 10:32 Length Of A Scandal
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: R/NC-17.
Length: ~2.6k Complete
Beta: the wonderful and patient [ profile] gracie321
Warnings: Man-sex, self-love, internet pornography
Disclaimer: If this were true, we would ALL know about. Sadly, it’s not.

Pete finds out he has an internet sex video
Author’s Notes: Written for an [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt “Rumors of a sex tape of Pete leaks out. He figures it'll just blow over just like everything else in his life, until the tape itself leaks and it turns out to be of Pete and Mikey”. It was supposed to be anonymous but of course it was [ profile] b_dsaint because she has magical powers that make me write Pete/Mikey even when I don't know it's her.

Thoroughly perfect Cover art by [ profile] b_dsaint and her mad photoshop skillz (click for larger)

It's ass-o-clock in the morning when Pete Wentz finds out he has an internet sex video. )
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Fandom: My Chemical Romance & Fall Out Boy
Title: Show Me
Pairing: Pete/Mikey
Rating: R/NC-17.
Length: 3.5 k
Warnings: Sex. Voyeurism.
Disclaimer: All of my own invention.
Summary: Pete has a fresh obsession. Now he wants to watch Mikey.

Follows on from The Blue Room though it can be read as a standalone

Author’s Notes: Blame [ profile] b_dsaint . It's all her fault. This is my first Pete/Mikey, a pairing that scares the bajeesus out of me cause I never imagined I could pull them off. Hope I did.

In the end, Mikey doesn't even have to ask. Pete brings it up first. )

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I love my F-list so hard right now.

I whinged about being hungover and [ profile] dancinbutterfly wrote me awesome comment fic of awesome because she is made of awesome. It's Pete/??? and it's just equal parts sweet and funny with a biting tang of angst for good measure. Pete is very quickly becoming one of my new favourite things which is incredibly suprising to me since I'm really not very well versed with FOB but he's just SUCH a good character. And [ profile] dancinbutterfly has his number, oh yes.

Do yourself a favour and read I've Got (Champagne) Headaches. (And if it makes you pine for more Pete then go read her So Why Don't You Slide too which is Pete/Mikey Summer of Like featuring waterpark gropings and wet-and-shirtless Mikeyway.)

Not to mention a few days ago when I started squeeing all over this photo of Gerard of the Hotness eyefucking Ray The Oblivious. Photo taken by Frank because he is the best. It made me ache for some Ray/Gerard and GUESS WHAT?

[profile] b_dsaint wrote me comment fic of cuteness and light with oblivious Ray and pining Gerard told through the eyes of Frankie the matchmaking photographer as Bob and Mikey give him loads of shit. It is OF THE CUTE. Read it NOW.

And if that weren't enough to make me the happiest and squee-ing-est ever [profile] magic_electric and [ profile] bebunny were ALSO bitten by the prompt-ridden pic and are writing their own Ray/Gerard's inspired by that pic. It just makes me GLEE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

You talented people rock my fucking world.
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Fandom: My Chemical Romance with bonus Fall Out Boy
Title: The Blue Room
Frank/Gerard, allusions to Pete/Mikey
Warnings: Sex. Voyeurism.
All of my own invention.
Summary: Pete accidentally watches Frank and Gerard fucking. The watching stops being accidental.
Author’s Notes:
Written for the prompt Frank/Gerard - voyeurism - someone is watching them over at [ profile] bandomkinkmeme (which is the best thing to happen to bandom since I've been here. Holy hell my f-list is full of porn - yay!). Noteable also that this is my first time writing Mr Wentz

Fantastically awesome cover art by [ profile] b_dsaint

Wet sucking noise. Okay that's kissing. Whoever the whisperers are they are kissing now and Pete is definitely awake. )

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