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Title: Ass-Kickin' Chick Music
Author: [ profile] ladyfoxxx
Bands (and/or pairings): MCR (FOB, CS, MSI), always-a-girl!Gerard/always-a-girl!Frank, always-a-girl!Gerard/Pedicone, Pete/Mikey, past always-a-girl!Gerard/Lindsey
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 20 700 words
Warnings: Some Pedicone-bashing, cheating, general disregard for any coherent sense of time whatsoever
Summary: She's not someone's girlfriend. She's not anyone's anything. She's a fucking force. Gee doesn't know if she wants to be her or fuck her.
Author notes: [ profile] ciel_vert's excellent mix Never Was A Cornflake Girl which inspired this fic features some fantastic bands and songs and it does such a good job of telling a story all by itself. I hope I've managed to do it justice. Huge props to [ profile] mizubyte for making this story so much better and helping it make actual sense.

Also available on A03

Ass-Kickin' Chick Music )
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So [ profile] turps33 is running a Bandom Kissing Meme and it's completely awesome. Go and write some prompts and fic! Because I have zero willpower, one of [ profile] greedy_dancer's prompts finally burst my Waycest cherry.

This reminded me that I have a bunch of commentfic scattered over other people's journals that I never reposted here. A few months ago one of those fics got locked down, so I'm reposting them all here so I don't lose them. I'm paranoid like that.

Gerard/Mikey - Teaching/learning how to kiss )

Frank/Gerard - Asshole!Leathermouth Frank )

Lyn-Z/always-a-girl!Gee with bonus Frank )

Frank/Gerard, chubby Frank )

Frank/Gerard - Gerard designs sex toys for a living )

Pete/Mikey - Mikey's lucky shirt )

Pete/Mikey - kissing on Mikey's motorbike )

I feel better now.

PS. I just realised I have a Waycest tag now. I don't know how I feel about that.
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Fandom: - Bandom, MCR
Title: Black Satin
Pairing/Prompt: #27 Gerard/Lyn-Z crossdressing: Gerard in Lyn-Z's stage outfit - schoolgirl skirt, snug jacket, stockings, panties
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~7000
Notes: Written for [ profile] no_tags, originally posted here. Thanks so SO much to [ profile] shiningartifact for superb and fast beta with zero notice (seriously, she is made of magic and rainbows), to [ profile] pikasafire and [ profile] dancinbutterfly for convincing me it was good enough to post and [ profile] b_dsaint for handholding and generally being awesome.

Gerard doesn't even think about what he's doing. He just does it.  )
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Title: Soft
Fandom: My Chemical Romance & Mindless Self Indulgence
Pairing: Lyn-Z/always-a-girl!Gee
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Unapologetic girl on girl porn
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] rockeandroll because she wanted some girl on girl for her Revenge Of The Reverse Ficlet Meme. It's a known fact that I suck at comment!fic, so it's way too long. Fits into the same verse as Fuck Standards, except chronologically this story comes first. Unbeta'ed because I should have posted it DAYS AGO.

Gee's not quite sure how this happened. One minute they were watching Dawn of the Dead and the next, the bed dipped as Lindsey scooted up next to her, a soft -hey- dropping from her mouth a moment before she pressed her lips to Gee's and kissed her. )

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