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Title: The Truth About Patrick
Band(s): Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, Pete/Patrick/Mikey
Word Count: 23 630 words
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Lies and deception, self confidence issues.
A/N: Huge thanks to [personal profile] girlpearl for excellent beta that improved the story tenfold, and to [personal profile] pennyplainknits and [personal profile] melusina for reading along as I wrote it and encouraging this madness. Also huge thanks to the wonderful bbb mods for being supremely awesome, and of course to my awesome artist and brilliant mixers for the awesome extras.

Summary: Pete Wentz is a fashion mogul with a brand new music label who gets an earful of struggling artist Patrick Stump's demo and wants to sign him. Except when he asks to see a photo of Patrick, Patrick sends him a picture of his hot roommate Mikey Way instead.

An AU based on the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

on AO3

Inspired Works

Four Incredible Pieces by [personal profile] heyhoolou

Lost and Found by [personal profile] truthismusic

Fall Into These Arms (on 8tracks | on mediafire) by [personal profile] neelacuda
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Title: Emergency Contact
Fandom: Fall Out Boy & My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Pete/Patrick/Mikey
Rating: R/NC-17, for sex and sexpollen
Length: 14 281 words

Summary: "I need your help. There's something..." Patrick's trailing hand finds its way under Pete's t-shirt and Pete's breath catches in his throat. He swallows hard before continuing. "Something is wrong with Patrick."

Author's Notes: So here's that giant pile of porn I wrote when I was procrastinating my BBB. Big thanks to [ profile] b_dsaint for the beta and to [ profile] dancinbutterfly for making me write it. If you're not sure exactly why I wrote a bunch of Patrick sexin' I would suggest you see this picspam. Also submitted to the bottom!Patrick fest

ETA - There is now a fantastic podfic available of this fic by the most excellent [ profile] pennyplainknits, so if you'd rather experience this fic by having it read to you by someone with an awesome voice, check it out.

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