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Title: Ass-Kickin' Chick Music
Author: [ profile] ladyfoxxx
Bands (and/or pairings): MCR (FOB, CS, MSI), always-a-girl!Gerard/always-a-girl!Frank, always-a-girl!Gerard/Pedicone, Pete/Mikey, past always-a-girl!Gerard/Lindsey
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 20 700 words
Warnings: Some Pedicone-bashing, cheating, general disregard for any coherent sense of time whatsoever
Summary: She's not someone's girlfriend. She's not anyone's anything. She's a fucking force. Gee doesn't know if she wants to be her or fuck her.
Author notes: [ profile] ciel_vert's excellent mix Never Was A Cornflake Girl which inspired this fic features some fantastic bands and songs and it does such a good job of telling a story all by itself. I hope I've managed to do it justice. Huge props to [ profile] mizubyte for making this story so much better and helping it make actual sense.

Also available on A03

Ass-Kickin' Chick Music )


Oct. 25th, 2011 05:09 pm
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Okay, yet AGAIN I am behind on everything, but I'm going to try to post anyway, because THINGS are happening. Firstly:

It's less than 3 weeks until media submissions are due at [ profile] bandomreversebb! If you haven't signed up as an author yet, you are CRAZY. I don't know if it breaks some kind of modly law to say so, but the submissions we're getting are AMAZING. There are some fucking talented people in our fandom. If you want first pick when claims go live on November 12, make sure you are signed up as an author. There's also still time to sign up to make art or mix or voice perform if you're fast too.

Secondly! Everyone loves sick Frank fic, right? Well prompts go live tomorrow for [ profile] yobrothatssick - a vaguely [ profile] no_tags-style fic challenge all about SICK FRANK. Word count minimum is only 1000 words! You can leave up to three prompts, and you don't have to commit to writing to leave a prompt! Yes it IS that easy.

Thirdly, I got my [ profile] bandomstuffsit assignment, and oh MAN so many feelings. The person I got matches up with me so hard on so many tropes, but god the pairings are a stretch. All I can think is that it must have been HARD matching this year, because only one of the pairings offered I've actually written before, though I did say I'd be willing to try writing outside my comfort zone. Long story short, I am going to TRY to write one of the pairings that I can tell is the preferred one, even though I've NEVER written ANYONE in that pairing before. I'm going to need a shit-hot characterisation beta. Holy FUCK.

So yeah, THINGS ARE HAPPENING. If only I had time to DO THEM.

Driveby PSA

Sep. 1st, 2011 06:56 pm
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Bandom Reverse Big Bang is GOING TO HAPPEN.

So chuffed with how many people have shown an interest. Signups will be next week, September 11!

We just put up a new post to settle on word count, schedule and inclusions so please get on over and vote!

And please feel free to pimp the comm: [ profile] bandomreversebb
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So there's been a fair bit of talk lately about how Bandom needs a Reverse Big Bang, so [ profile] mizubyte and I thought we'd give it a go.

If you're interested in participating head on over to [ profile] bandomreversebb and put your hand up!

Also, thanks to [ profile] turlough for the lovely banner!

Oh and please feel free to pimp the comm!

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