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So I'm nearly a week late, but here is the gig recap for Mr Stump's show in London on Monday night. You know, the EXTRA show he put on to say "fuck you" to the scalpers? Yeah that one.

Patrick is a tiny hotass who totally rocked the arse off Monto Water Rats )

Did I mention we got to meet the tiny hotass himself? )

All in all a MOST awesome night. Thanks for being so great PStump! You are not like porcelain and you were not a brat and I'm glad I met you.
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GUUUUUUUUYS! Just got home from Panic's London gig! IT WAS GREAT. Brendon is completely adorable and totally upping the ante on the stagegay with help from his very very willing guitarist Dallon. I am a little annoyed with Spencer for hiding behind his kit all night - and for having a cymbal at the EXACT HEIGHT of his face. Damn him for being so shy.

Panic! At The Disco Melt The Face Off London while flirting with each other a lot )

The guys did a cover of The Smiths "How Soon Is Now" which was WONDERFUL and AMAZING and LOVELY and I have video of it here which has crappy sound so sadly does not do it justice, but it's worth it for the part 2/3rds of the way in when Bden and Dallon do a dorky little dance and then Bden threw himself at the crowd and I nearly dropped my camera because he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. HI BDEN HI HI HI.

The rest of the show! And Brendon coming out afterwards! )

And thus is the story of how I told Brendon I was a creeper.

But hey! I got to meet Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie in the SAME WEEK. That is some gig mojo right there. Wahey!
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So because this is the WEEK OF GIGS last night was The Black Cards at the ICA.

The Black Cards at the ICA in London RECAP OF DOOM )

If you have ANY opportunity to go see them GO. It's a great show, lots of tunes to boogie to and they are really fun to watch. And did I mention that Bebe is a hotass? Because she totally is.

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