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(About 3k of Frank/Gerard not!fic, rated PG, not beta'ed because it's RIDICULOUS.)

It all started because of This Tweet: bdo_official: That'd be @tonyhawk skating with My Chemical Romance in the background. Fairly average day here at BDO. #bdo2012

Which prompted this conversation:
[ profile] kopperblaze Mcr skating with tony hawk??? I gotta see this, getting the laptop out for a sec at work >.>
[ profile] gala_apples EXCUSE ME WHAT?
[ profile] kopperblaze oh. i guess it is tony hawk skating with the mcr stage in the background. now i'm kinda disappointed lol
[ profile] gala_apples Oh god, for a second I thought My Chem and Tony Hawk were legit hanging out. I NEED MIKEY WAY ON A SKATEBOARD.
[ profile] ladyfoxxx Skater AU anyone?
[ profile] ladyfoxxx Actually I want an AU based on Avril's sk8er boy. Someone get on that.
[ profile] kopperblaze omg i've wanted an au based on that song for ages!!! Pref brian/mikey or ray/mikey or or. Actually i don't care,i want
[ profile] ladyfoxxx so who is the posh one who does ballet?
[ profile] kopperblaze uhm.... Ryan ross? Lol
[ profile] ladyfoxxx LOL so then what, it's mikey/ryan?
[ profile] gala_apples LOL THEN IT ENDS IN MPREG WITH RYAN. Awesome.
[ profile] ladyfoxxx I actually want the sk8er boi story where the posh one and the skatey one end up together
[ profile] ladyfoxxx I am such a hopeless romantic like that
[ profile] kopperblaze me too. In that case mikey should do ballet
[ profile] ladyfoxxx LOL mikey in a tutu
[ profile] ladyfoxxx well frank did go to private school, right? maybe it could be pre-punk frank?
[ profile] ladyfoxxx or SECRETLY punk frank...

And a bunny was born. It actually is less sk8er boi and more Frank The Secret Prep School Punk )
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This is all [ profile] greedy_dancer and [ profile] kopperblaze's collective faults. They wheedled me into writing fic while drunk through the evil force that is twitter. Blame them.

Fandom: - Bandom, MCR
Pairing/Rating: Mikey/Ray, pretty much PG (I know, I was shocked too)
Length: 1600 words
Summary: This was supposed to be Mikey porn, it somehow became Mikey/Ray early days post-gig smushy flirtations. In all its unbetaed glory. I don't know. I've had too much cider and red wine. Leave me alone. I hate writing summaries.
A/N: If this were good and porny I would gift it to members of my f-list who've had some shitty ass days lately. Sadly it's not good OR porny so it feels inappropriate to do so. Dagnammit.

ETA - Now available as a brilliant podfic by [ profile] fire_juggler

I didn't promise quality )

Go ahead. Point and laugh. I'm going to pass out now. Bet you wish I'd boobtweeted instead.
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So you know that fic I wasn't going to write? Well. I wrote it. *FACEPALM*

Fandom: Misfits (Oh dear god what am I doooooing???)
Title: A Good Teacher
Pairing: Simon/Future!Simon, brief Future!Simon/Alisha
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for porn. Spoilers for Season 2.
Length: ~6000 words
A/N: I swear this is not my new fandom. I blame my f-list for encouraging this madness. Special thanks and giant rainbows to [ profile] desfinado for beta that improved the fic tenfold.

Summary: Simon loses his virginity to his future self.

A Good Teacher )

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