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So I signed up for a kink bingo card for this round. Since my last catastrophic failure a few years back (I think I filled two squares and they weren't even next to each other) I haven't participated in KB, but I figured I'll give it a go:

My beautiful card beneath the cut )

I'm not sure if I'm in a post-BBB slump or I got a hard card or what, but I'm actually having trouble coming up with ideas. (Or maybe I'm just bummed because I didn't get any of my usual favourites.) I've got a vague notion for leather/latex/rubber square but even that is pretty hazy.

I welcome suggestions, both for individual stories and for possible bingos!
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You know when you get that first idea for a fic, all shiny and exciting and you immediately latch onto ONE scene or ONE moment that you desperately want to write? Sometimes you write thousands of words JUST so you can write that ONE scene or moment?

Well that's what happens to me, anyway. OFTEN. So I did a quick poll earlier on Twitter and it appears I am not alone in this. And now I am desperately interested to know what everyone else's key scenes/moments in fic are.

So! Tell me. What was that scene you wanted to write in that particular fic? Did it come out the way you thought it would? Did it end up being a key scene, or just another scene? Was it a scene a lot of people commented on? Did you (GASP) need to cut the scene out of the fic in the end? ;___;

I'll go first! )

OKAY NOW, your turn! Tell me about your key scenes! Comment below or repost to your journal so people can ask you about specific fics!

Is there a particular fic of mine that you'd like to know what my That One Thing scene was? Ask me! (my masterlist is here)

Is there a shiny new plot bunny on your horizon with a key scene you want to write? Tell me!

Talk to meeeeeā€¦.
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I am still not seeing a light at the end of the work tunnel, but BY GOD I am going to continue to have some kind of fannish presence. I'll do a life post SOMETIME, I promise, but right now I just want to do this top 10 AO3 fics meme I am seeing around because it interests the shit out of me.

So the idea is to sort your fics posted on AO3 by hit count, post the top ten and try to analyse your results. And GO.

1. James Cameron Got It Wrong 3187
Higher count than any other by almost DOUBLE. Yeah it's a big bang and a popular pairing (Frank/ Gerard) with bonus crazy threesomes (Frank/Frank/Gerard) but STILL. It blows me away that this crazy fic has been read so many times. YOU GUYSS. <3

2. Price Of Pretty 1634
I find it HILARIOUS that this is number two. 1600 hits and ZERO comments and mostly guest kudos? WHO ARE ALL YOU PEOPLE READING THIS FIC? You don't want people to know about your thing for spanking? Is that it? I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Well far be it for me to judge. GO YOU GOOD LURKERS. MORE POWER TO YOU.

3. Reaching Through The Mirror 1292
Gerard/Gerard prequel from the same verse as James Cameron so I guess that makes sense. But I love that my top three basically goes: SELFCEST THREESOME, SPANKING and SELFCEST. /o\ Go me.

4. Tell Me Something True 1178
A Mikey/Ray in position 4! You guys, you have NO IDEA how much this pleases me. I know it's probably mostly traffic via James Cameron since they are in the same 'verse but I STILL adore that a Mikey/Ray is doing so well. LOVE THIS PAIRING.

5. Feeling A Moment 1020
Frank/Gerard podfic co-op with [ profile] podklb - I am not really sure why this one is up so high, probably because of the podfic because klb is such an awesome reader. Also NO SEX IN THIS ONE. WHAAAT.

6. No Experience Necessary 999 (somebody click now!)
My very first bigbang! The pizza 'verse. My first long trying-to-have-a-plot bandom fic with HS Frank/Gerard and Mikey/Ray I love it and want to cradle it to my bosom and I'm so happy it's still getting read.

7. Against The Wall 996
Oooh it's a tight race between positions 6 and 7! More D/s in the BDSM dom!Frankie verse from Price of Pretty. I guess people like BDSM fic?

8. Emergency Contact 948
I am ASTOUNDED to see this one in the top ten. When I first posted this fic it had very low views, but I think it had something of a renaissance when [ profile] pennyplainknits podficced it and suddenly it climbed the list. Also YAY because Pete/Patrick/Mikey is a threesome I will ALWAYS love and there will never be enough of.

9. Ass-Kickin' Chick Music 886
My [ profile] bandomreversebb fic! Only very recently posted always-a-girl!Gerard/always-a-girl!Frank, I'm so chuffed it made the list. I didn't think it would get much readership being femmeslash and yet... wow! Interestingly the LJ version of this fic seemed to get less traffic than the AO3 version, so it's possible that people's reading habits are changing?

10. In Production 854
Awwww I am so glad this one made the list! My second ever big bang, the movie AU of my HEART that was Gerard/Brian, Pete/Patrick, Bob/Ryan so it was never going to be a fandom favourite, but I'm VERY stoked it's made the top 10.

Honorable mentions: More BDSM fic at number 11, Waycest snowballing threesome came in at number 12 and my other-fandom Misfits selfcest fic at Number 13. WEIRD, you guys, WEIRD.

What does this MEAN? I... don't really know. People tend to read other fics if they are in a series? People like self cest? People like BDSM? People like PORN? People are less likely to comment on epic porn-fests about spanking?


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