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Let's just pretend I've been posting regularly, shall we?

So some folk were talking about fannish origins on Twitter and it got me thinking, I don't know if I've ever really shared my origin story in any real deapth and it might actually be a fun thing to do. So, here it is.

It all began with the X-Files )

The land of RPS )

the move to LJ )

So that's my Fannish Origin Story. What's yours?
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It's (about two weeks past) that time of year again! Ahahahaha, I am never on time for anything. But I like to do these fic roundups so here we go:

Fic I wrote in 2012 - the numbers )

Total written: 10 fics, 6 ficlets.
Total wordcount for 2012: 138 200 words
Not bad considering I was working insanely most of the year and didn't feel like I was getting much writing done at all. Definitely wrote less in the latter half of the year, but I had a lot going on in RL.

That meme with all the deep thoughts and feelings )

Once again, I'd like to thank anyone who's ever read any of my ridiculous ramblings, whether you commented or not. Thanks for being my audience! Massive thanks to all those awesome authors, podficcers, artists and other awesome fangirls and fanboys who keep producing the goods for me to consume. I love you guys.

Please do feel free to weigh in with any opinions in the comments. Even if it's just to tell me about Ray Toro's thighs. In fact, especially if it's about that.
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Okay, I was going to wait for stuffsit reveals so I could do final numbers, but I am too impatient! Here is my 2011: A Year In Fic post

Fic I wrote last year, with commentary )

Total number of fics: 19 fics, 2 "commentfics" that are really fics (over 1000 words), 2 not!fics, 4 ficlets, 1 podfic
Total word count for 2011: 144 296 words (excludes my [ profile] bandomstuffsit fic)

If you add on the 50 000 words I wrote for my NaNoWrimo, and my stuffsit numbers that gets me up around the 200k mark! I'm happy with that.

Those meme questions with all the deep thoughts and feelings )

Now that's a lot of navel gazing and a whole LOT of words! If you got through all that I love you. And if you've read ANY of my crazy ramblings this year, even if you didn't comment on them - thank you. If you've ever left me a comment or recc'ed my fic to someone, or listened to me whine about how HARD it all is, word-warred with me, beta'ed for me or told me I could do it - I love you and thank you.

If something I've written made you smile, or made your temperature rise, made you sad or made you think, then I'm doing something right. Thanks for being around this last year.

Feel free to share any of your own opinions if you have them!
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I'm BACK Bitches!

So hey, guess what I did on Friday? I posted my [ profile] bandombigbang! At like, ass-o-clock in the morning because I HAD to get it out before the weekend and there was no way I was gonna have time to do it at work. I spent all of Friday being sleep deprived and slap happy but I'm so SO relieved to have it done. I mean, I know it could have used another few days polishing but W/E, W/E, gawd I'm just glad to have it FINISHED. I will have my EVENINGS BACK. (Seriously I was spending every spare moment I had working on that thing. I really cut it fine. Thank GOD for [ profile] mizubyte and [ profile] desfinado being awseome.)

Oh lord, I can't believe I actually finished it and posted it.

Wherein I blather about my bbb and how it came about. )

Anyhoo, if you like the sound of a great big pile of words that is basically me using time travel as an excuse to write lots of porn and dress skunkhawk!Frank in Killjoys garb, feel free to check out James Cameron Got It Wrong. It's like my love letter to the Terminator movies, right down to the ridiculous logic and plot holes. You have to love James Cameron for giving us those.

If you don't feel like reading the fic, dear GOD just treat yourself and check out the AMAZING art by [ profile] my_twistedshell which is GORGEOUS. I am IN LOVE with it and her. *_____* I also have three gorgeous mixes, that seriously nearly made me CRY, they're so good. Free music, anyone?

Also, I'm just going to leave this here:

Because, you know, if Frank were to run into his clone he would "embrace the double. And use it to DO THINGS." And he would be happy to have another person LIKE HIM around. And the rest of the band think this is all FABULOUS and would do the same. And Mikey thinks they should come up with a secret code RIGHT NOW because obviously this is going to happen and they need to have a PLAN.


The other cool part of getting my evenings back is that I can now catch up on all the awesome fic I haven't been able to read because I've been writing crazy timetravel fic. It's a NOT-REC list! Because I haven't actually read the fics yet! )


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