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So [ profile] mizubyte did a voice post of her doing an American Accent quiz where you answer questions about your pronunciation and the quiz gods try to figure out where you are from. Obviously I am not American, but the pull of the quiz was too much, so I decided to do it anyway, just to see what might happen.

Direct link here if the embed below isn't working:

Accentquiz by ladyfoxxx

So apparently when I try to do quizzes that are not designed for non-Americans when I have just woken up I spend most of my time saying "how could those two words EVER sound the same?" And then I burst into hysterical laughter when I find out my quiz result.

No really, I found my quiz result to be VERY VERY FUNNY. So if you want to skip forwards to where I start to make sense again that is at around 06:10. And if after reading these disclaimers you still decide to listen to this, um, sorry?

Questions and ridiculousness beneath the cut )

I am maybe a little ridiculous. Also I am enjoying voice posts way too much so if you have any questions or things you would like me to say or read maybe leave them in the comments and if I get enough I'll do another voice post! Because voice posts are fun!
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Aahahahaa, okay so we were talking on Twitter about feedback; kudos vs comments and how sometimes you love a story A LOT and really WANT to comment, but don't and then never do and I discovered I'm not the only person who psyches themselves out of commenting like that. So here, have THE GUILT MEME:

We've all done it. That fic that you've read eleventy billion times and never actually commented on. Or maybe you only read it once but it was so good - SO fucking good that you just didn't know how to EXPRESS how good it was so you never actually commented, or you read it on your e-reader and never went back to comment, or you went back to comment and wound up re-reading it and STILL didn't comment, or it's been around forever and you kind of let yourself off the hook without commenting because there were ALREADY so many comments, surely the writer knows it's awesome, right?

Consider this meme a confessional. WHAT FICS ARE THEY?

The fics I never commented on and I SHOULD HAVE )

OKAY, NOW YOU. Let's try and make this a meme!

Speak freely, nothing will get held against you. This doesn't mean you have to go leave comments NOW, like, unless you WANT TO, that's not the point. The point is, CONFESS.

P.S. It's kind of disheartening how every single one of these links was readily available in my browser history. THAT'S how often I reread these. /o\
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(About 3k of Frank/Gerard not!fic, rated PG, not beta'ed because it's RIDICULOUS.)

It all started because of This Tweet: bdo_official: That'd be @tonyhawk skating with My Chemical Romance in the background. Fairly average day here at BDO. #bdo2012

Which prompted this conversation:
[ profile] kopperblaze Mcr skating with tony hawk??? I gotta see this, getting the laptop out for a sec at work >.>
[ profile] gala_apples EXCUSE ME WHAT?
[ profile] kopperblaze oh. i guess it is tony hawk skating with the mcr stage in the background. now i'm kinda disappointed lol
[ profile] gala_apples Oh god, for a second I thought My Chem and Tony Hawk were legit hanging out. I NEED MIKEY WAY ON A SKATEBOARD.
[ profile] ladyfoxxx Skater AU anyone?
[ profile] ladyfoxxx Actually I want an AU based on Avril's sk8er boy. Someone get on that.
[ profile] kopperblaze omg i've wanted an au based on that song for ages!!! Pref brian/mikey or ray/mikey or or. Actually i don't care,i want
[ profile] ladyfoxxx so who is the posh one who does ballet?
[ profile] kopperblaze uhm.... Ryan ross? Lol
[ profile] ladyfoxxx LOL so then what, it's mikey/ryan?
[ profile] gala_apples LOL THEN IT ENDS IN MPREG WITH RYAN. Awesome.
[ profile] ladyfoxxx I actually want the sk8er boi story where the posh one and the skatey one end up together
[ profile] ladyfoxxx I am such a hopeless romantic like that
[ profile] kopperblaze me too. In that case mikey should do ballet
[ profile] ladyfoxxx LOL mikey in a tutu
[ profile] ladyfoxxx well frank did go to private school, right? maybe it could be pre-punk frank?
[ profile] ladyfoxxx or SECRETLY punk frank...

And a bunny was born. It actually is less sk8er boi and more Frank The Secret Prep School Punk )
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So at 10:30pm on November 1 I decided I was going to try to do NaNoWriMo this year. Because I make all my important decisions at the LAST FUCKING MINUTE. I am completely unprepared (character outlines? plot points? WHAT?) and I am writing a story based around a musical playlist (not this one. Ha.)

Obviously when one is scrambling to get one's word-count up, one needs a mix, full of motivational "I am a literary WARRIOR" type of music. And also some power ballads so you can pretend you are in an 80's movie montage WRITING YOUR HEART OUT. Possibly in SLOW MOTION. Or no, rather, FAST MOTION. Yes, that would be better.

To all my fellow NaNo-ers, and in fact, ANYONE writing a story for a challenge, or anyone who just finds that writing a story IS a challenge, I give you this mix:

You Can Do It! A Mix For The Literary Warrior )


Oct. 25th, 2011 05:09 pm
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Okay, yet AGAIN I am behind on everything, but I'm going to try to post anyway, because THINGS are happening. Firstly:

It's less than 3 weeks until media submissions are due at [ profile] bandomreversebb! If you haven't signed up as an author yet, you are CRAZY. I don't know if it breaks some kind of modly law to say so, but the submissions we're getting are AMAZING. There are some fucking talented people in our fandom. If you want first pick when claims go live on November 12, make sure you are signed up as an author. There's also still time to sign up to make art or mix or voice perform if you're fast too.

Secondly! Everyone loves sick Frank fic, right? Well prompts go live tomorrow for [ profile] yobrothatssick - a vaguely [ profile] no_tags-style fic challenge all about SICK FRANK. Word count minimum is only 1000 words! You can leave up to three prompts, and you don't have to commit to writing to leave a prompt! Yes it IS that easy.

Thirdly, I got my [ profile] bandomstuffsit assignment, and oh MAN so many feelings. The person I got matches up with me so hard on so many tropes, but god the pairings are a stretch. All I can think is that it must have been HARD matching this year, because only one of the pairings offered I've actually written before, though I did say I'd be willing to try writing outside my comfort zone. Long story short, I am going to TRY to write one of the pairings that I can tell is the preferred one, even though I've NEVER written ANYONE in that pairing before. I'm going to need a shit-hot characterisation beta. Holy FUCK.

So yeah, THINGS ARE HAPPENING. If only I had time to DO THEM.
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So there's been a fair bit of talk lately about how Bandom needs a Reverse Big Bang, so [ profile] mizubyte and I thought we'd give it a go.

If you're interested in participating head on over to [ profile] bandomreversebb and put your hand up!

Also, thanks to [ profile] turlough for the lovely banner!

Oh and please feel free to pimp the comm!
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So [ profile] b_dsaint sent me a link to this photo:

And then we had this conversation:

the fact that his pants are tight enough that i can tell he's not wearing underwear? thats kinda. nah come on, thats a little stare worthy )

That was important enough to post about, right? This is pretty much as far as my attention spans to these days...
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Got a question? Gerard Way is the answer!
Gerard Way so good you want it again.
It's not a trick, it's a Gerard Way.
Gerard Way is an investment in good appearance.

I have been playing with Sloganmaker too much, it seems!

FIRSTLY! Karma has been a HUGE BITCH to [ profile] saxihighlandck and money woes look like they might make her cancel a much longed for trip back home (including non-refundable shit). So! She is WHORING HERSELF OUT and selling her soul fic to try to raise some $$$. CHECK OUT HER BARGAIN FIC SALE HERE. You could purchase a fic or fics of your VERY OWN and help out a fellow fangirl in need. I've also whored myself out to her cause and am offering three fics for sale for her - buyers choice. ANYTHING YOU WANT. Send the poor girl home already.

Secondly, huge thanks to everyone who wrote me fic for my Revenge of the Reverse Ficlet Meme thingy. IT WORKED. YOU BROKE MY BLOCK. I AM WRITING AGAIN. So thank you!

List of awesome stories behind the cut )

I am SPOILED ROTTEN YOU GUYS. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. It's never to late to claim a prompt and [ profile] rockeandroll, [ profile] bebunny, [ profile] villiagegreen and [ profile] gala_apples still have prompts on offer too, so go see if you get bitten by a bunny (because if no one writes violent moshpit sexings for [ profile] gala_apples I MIGHT DIE.)

In other news, I MADE A FANMIX because my tremendous love for [ profile] brooklinegirl's amazing fic This Town Is Wrong can apparently only be expressed through song. Or rather, through 17 very carefully selected songs. Download it and enjoy! And if you haven't read the fic yet, DEAR GOD, do yourself a favour and go and read it. It's WONDERFUL. Gorgeous, adorable, heart-clenchy and satisfying and it has artist Gerard and teenage Frank, and some of the hottest sex I have ever read EVER (and I have read a LOT of porn. A LOT.)

Speaking of porn, if you haven't already downloaded [ profile] shiningartifact's awesome podfic of A Matter Of Logistics by brooklinegirl what is WRONG with you? It's delicious, incredibly well read and incineratingly hot. I have a HUGE crush on [ profile] shiningartifact's voice and I just want her to to read me porn FOREVER.

Also! [ profile] b_dsaint is running a Bandom Video Music Awards over at her LJ and she's currently taking nominations. Categories are awesome, with stuff like Best AU Storyline Video, Best Slashy Moment in a Video, Worst Acting and all kinds of fun shit. Go nominate!

In conclusion! Let's watch Matt Skiba eat cupcakes.

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So - amazingly - yesterday's chat actually ran the full 12 hours, and though it got quiet at times there were always people around. Much fic was discussed, videos were squee'd at, friends were made! Over the course of the day 20 people dropped by to chat, some for longer than others. For those of you who made friends and want to connect on LJ, here's a list of attendees - go be friendly!

List of awesome attendees! )

Of course, once we got talking fic the recs started pouring out and we collectively decided what the world really needs is a book club for bandom fic! So we can rec stuff and discuss it. Sounds like fun right? Well then, [ profile] bandombookclub was born! Get your ass over there and join! Once a week we'll take turns reccing a favourite fic, so if you have tabs and tabs of awesome you just MUST share with the world we want YOU. Or if you feel like you've read EVERYTHING in bandom and just want to get at those gems you haven't found yet - we ALSO want you. Get on over and join up.

Thanks to all who came, saw and squee'd. You're a pretty awesome bunch and it was a spectacular way to spend a lazy Sunday. Lots of folk said we should do it again, and I agree, but maybe not quite such a marathon next time!
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Hey so, apparently when I've had too many mojitos I plan chat parties. WHO KNEW? The good news is, y'all humour me so:



In approximately 19 hours we shall commence flailing like twelve year olds on AIM. That will be 8am London Time - here is the current local time in London.
Details! Details! )

In the meantime y'all should go hit up [ profile] villiagegreen for her awesome Drunken Peach Upside Down Cake recipe - the official cake of the Fannish Lovepile!

AND you should go read some porn. Specifically [ profile] gracie321's Leather Studded Kiss. It's like 8.5k of sub!Frank! With Gerard being all dominant and talking plenty of hot sin at him. It all started with [ profile] chuckaloonie's suggestion that dom!Gerard should get sub!Frank to wear his collar onstage. Yeah, that girl gives GOOD prompt. Anyway it's [ profile] gracie321 so you know the porn is searingly hot. Don't just listen to me talk about. Read it.

And that's the end!
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I now have THIS ENTIRE SUNDAY at my disposal and I propose the following![Poll #1593208]
WHAT DO YOU THINK? I know, I know, I have given you no notice and I am drunkened, but STILL. CAN YOU DO IT?

Feel free to pimp this out! MORE IS MORE AWESOME.
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There are lots of exciting things going on!

Firstly! [ profile] b_dsaint and [ profile] dancinbutterfly are coming to the UK for visits in the winter! Cuddles! Meetups! Shenanigans!

Secondly! I am going to The Download Festival! I just bought my ticket!

Is anyone else going to Download this year? TELL ME! We should hang! Drop me a line - I need someone to see The Damned Things with me because no one I know in RL has heard of them.

Thirdly! [ profile] bandombigbang! It's nearly posting time! I am so excited for new fics to read and even though I am still fiddling with my giant monster (65k people... woah) I am kind hanging for my posting date and OMG fanmixes and OMFG art! ART!

Fourthly! I signed up for KINK BINGO! Because there will never be enough porn in the WORLD and apparently I need to write more of it.

Want to see my kink bingo card? )

So guys? Suggestions? Prompts? Squee? LET'S TALK FILTH.

Holy shit that's a lot of exclamation points.
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Look I'm posting when I'm supposed to be working on my [ profile] bandombigbang! I am a big fat giant procrastinator.

AND I fluffed around writing sexpollen fic last week instead of actually doing what I was supposed to do, and that went from a quick distraction into an Epic Porn Odyssey. (Seriously, we're talking nearly 15 000 words and they don't leave the BED. You guys. I don't even KNOW okay? I blame [ profile] dancinbutterfly) It's in beta-land now, but it should be up soonish.

300 is such a funny movie )

Is anyone else excited about Streetdance 3D? )

And some bandom picspam because that's always welcome right? )

So anyway, HI. How are you?
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I am breaking my self-imposed LJ-ban to quickly wave and say that I'm not gone forever I'm just drowning in my [ profile] bandombigbang right now as I rush to get some kind of conclusion slapped together before the end of the 30th April (in Hawaii). Thank god I will have a month to polish, I am going to need it.

I know I have tonnes to catch up on and I saw that [ profile] gracie321 wrote OTP high school fic and [ profile] slashxyouxup wrote OTP paint!sex fic and [ profile] coreopsis wrote Bob/Skiba and [ profile] villiagegreen and [ profile] b_dsaint both wrote ficlets galore and I'm sure there is a bunch more I have missed, not to mention all the Wave 1 BBB I want to catch up on.

SOON MY PRETTIES. I promise, comments soon!

But first: an ending, a title and a summary. Particularly the ending. I am very nervous that I am not going to finish this in time.

Wish me luck guys. And feel free to kick my ass a lot.

Oh and I just broke 50 000 words. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MAN?
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I know, I know I did a coming-soon-fic preview thingy in December, but I have more WIPs now and BBB is kicking my ass all over the place so I'm hoping, hoping that I can generate some motivation and maybe convince myself that I actually have done some work and I actually can write some more with this meme.

Swiped from half my f-list: The WIP Meme: Post a little bit of each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

This is what I've been up to lately )

Any thoughts? Questions? Favourites? Anything motivating to say would be muchly appreciated. I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
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You guys. YOU GUYS!

[ profile] b_dsaint made me cover art. OMFG super awesome cover art for not one but TWO! TWO of my fics.

*dances like a maniac*

pretty behind the cut )

and then I flail about Pete Wentz being a media whore. It's rather entertaining. Trust me. )


[ profile] b_dsaint Sweetie, honey, sugar-plum I ADORE YOUR AWESOME FACE. THANKS FOR ALL THE PRETTY!!!
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Okay, I blame [ profile] gracie321  because she is like the siren who lures the sailor (ie. ME) to their death with promises of pretty, pretty fic. Even though I am already freaking out about how much stuff is on my to-do list, well, come on - they are only drabbles, right? I'll be fine.

The first ten people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.)

Hit me up guys - whatever your heart desires!

1. [ profile] gracie321  - Frank/Gerard/Brian - It's all Gerard's idea
2. [ profile] equinescientist  - Bob/Frank - Frank invades Bobs bunk
3. [ profile] fight_thepast  - Frank/Mikey - getting high
4. [ profile] villiagegreen  - Mike Dirnt/Mikeyway - flirting
5. [ profile] phelixstar  - Gerard/Bert - porn from the good days
6. [ profile] b_dsaint - Mikey/Pete - sexin', the wives are okay with it
7. [ profile] liescontinue  - Frank/Gerard - Pining and probably porn
8. [ profile] magic_electric  - Frank/Gerard and uncomfortable Bob stuck in the same room
9. [ profile] bebunny  - Ray/Brian, bonding over breakfast
10. [ profile] dancinbutterfly  - Gerard/Pete - Pete writes on Gerard


Jan. 13th, 2010 07:01 pm
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I have officially signed on for [ profile] bandombigbang. Both waves.


Apologies in advance for all of the whinging this will no doubt incur when I start pounding my poor muse into the floor.

I know which two stories I am writing, but not exactly what will happen. Particularly my wave 2 story. I know the verse, I know it well but I have no idea what will happen. But I need deadlines, this will MAKE me write, right?


That's all.
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So I have been a little lost since my re-emergence from The Seven Year Cave. I have been slutting my way around slash fandoms not entirely focused any one pairing, just reading whatever takes my fancy (and continuing to be hella impressed by the number of very fine writers doing fanfic. I mean, wow. Why aren't these people writing professionally?)

So in my fandom promiscuity I stumble into bandom because it looks like it might be comfy. I think I will always be obsessed with musician slash in one way or another. But I immediately feel lost because half the bands I haven't heard of and the other half I know by name but not by tune. I finally see something familiar in the form of My Chemical Romance, because I hey wow, here is a band I listen to and actually own CDs of, so I start reading the fic... and then I see some of the videos....

I was going to cut this for FANNISH SQUEE but dammit I am not going to because I AM NOT ASHAMED! I SQUEE PROUDLY. )

and OMG heaven with
  • unlimited amounts of High School AU (yum my favourite, Wagger & The Fairy anyone?)
  • which of course was inspired by the music video where they are students at a preppy school complete with uniforms and TIES & bonus boykiss on camera
  • not to mention HELLO boys in makeup! and tatts! and crazy hair!
  • and of course frontman Gerard is a total poser who keeps changing the length/colour of his hair and pouring his heart out everywhere (sound familiar?)
and then [profile] madame_d sent me over to [ profile] crack_van for which I will be eternally grateful because I found the MCR overview which led to the Gerard/Frank Ship Manifesto which is basically four pages of SQUEEEERIFFIC boytouching, hand holding, hugging, cuddling, stroking, posing, lap sitting, beaming, groping, licking and MAKING OUT ON STAGE CONSTANTLY. And there is photo and video of EVERYTHING.

It's like some kind of slash goldmine.

So now I have MCR basically on rotation on my ipod, half a fic written and giant heart shapes in my pupils because crikey I've never seen two boys so in luurve. I haven't gone this rabid fangirl since Affirmation came out.

But my fucking word it is good to be fannishly excited/obsessively fixated on something again! Wahey!

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