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Title: The Truth About Patrick
Band(s): Fall Out Boy
Pairing(s): Pete/Patrick, Pete/Patrick/Mikey
Word Count: 23 630 words
Rating: Explicit
Warning(s): Lies and deception, self confidence issues.
A/N: Huge thanks to [personal profile] girlpearl for excellent beta that improved the story tenfold, and to [personal profile] pennyplainknits and [personal profile] melusina for reading along as I wrote it and encouraging this madness. Also huge thanks to the wonderful bbb mods for being supremely awesome, and of course to my awesome artist and brilliant mixers for the awesome extras.

Summary: Pete Wentz is a fashion mogul with a brand new music label who gets an earful of struggling artist Patrick Stump's demo and wants to sign him. Except when he asks to see a photo of Patrick, Patrick sends him a picture of his hot roommate Mikey Way instead.

An AU based on the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

on AO3

Inspired Works

Four Incredible Pieces by [personal profile] heyhoolou

Lost and Found by [personal profile] truthismusic

Fall Into These Arms (on 8tracks | on mediafire) by [personal profile] neelacuda
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Art - One Piece by [ profile] anna_luna
Art rating: G
Spoilers for the fic!
Medium: Copic markers and watercolors on paper

Amazing art under the cut (spoilers for the fic) )
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Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 11 840 words
Rating/Warnings: NC 17
Summary: Patrick works for the government. Pete is a spy who seduces him. Title and inspiration from "The Bagman's Gambit" by The Decemberists.

Author's Notes: Hugest thanks to [ profile] romanticalgirl and [ profile] graciexmae for invaluable beta turned around lightning fast. This is all [ profile] villiagegreen's fault, for not only introducing me to The Decemberists but also twisting my arm to enter the [ profile] pxp_flashbang in the first place.

Spectacular banner by [ profile] sly_fuck under the cut )

Also delightful fanart here by [ profile] skipstoomuch

Today can die in a fire )
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Well, it was technically my Bandomversary yesterday, but I was too busy to post about it. But hey - I have been obsessing about MCR for an ENTIRE year now and what a year it's been! I have read a lot of awesome fic, I have written more words of prose than any other year of my entire life. I wrote TWO big bangs and actually finished them and everything (this totally would not have happened if not for [ profile] dancinbutterfly and [ profile] b_dsaint. ALL THE HEARTS to you.). I've met so many awesome people and amazing writers through this fandom, it's been such an incredible year.

Total word count since October 1 2009: 205 307 words (This is actual posted fic only, doesn't include all the WIPs I have lying around, which would add at least another 50k.)

HOLY CRAP. Who'd have thought a bunch of tiny, adorable rockstars would be so damn inspiring? And I'm fairly certain a large portion of that number is porn. Well, pretty damn certain.

Apparently the universe is set on being awesome today, because I got PRESENTS.

[ profile] podklb just posted her podfic of This Might Get Messy, Kids. She gave me a preview of it a while back and I love it TO DEATH. It's such a great reading of the story, she really harnessed the attitude and energy I was going for, and her dialogue delivery is fantastic. Check it out, and don't forget to leave feedback!

Also serendipitously, and because the universe is being awesome to me, [ profile] aneas made me the most gorgeous art and this lovely icon for my dustverse fics!

pretty under the cut )

So there you go. Awesome presents and a whole year of Bandom! A YEAR. Jesus.

ETA! Just saw this over at [ profile] mcr_unofficial and I can't stop drooling )
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I can finally post the wonderful art [ profile] b_dsaint made for No Experience Necessary

Their FAAAACES! Frankie's lip! The store! The sign in the background! Isn't it wondrous and gleeful? OH MY!

Also of the coolness is [ profile] villiagegreen's Reverse Ficlet Meme. Have you done it? DO IT! Release your bunnies and get free fic!

Look at all the cool fic I got! There is porn and hilarity everywhere! And [ profile] coreopsis turned her awesome Bob/Gerard into a real actual fic and it's SWEET!

I even caught some ficlet bunnies and wrote:

asshole!Leathermouth!Frank for [ profile] b_dsaint
sex toy designer!Gee and nervous!Frank for [ profile] slashxyouxup
and girl!gee and Lindsey BFF's with bonus Frank for [ profile] liescontinue

And I really should be writing my Wave 2 BBB. Though in other news I've broken 33 000 words on that one. DUDE. I don't even know.
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You guys. YOU GUYS!

[ profile] b_dsaint made me cover art. OMFG super awesome cover art for not one but TWO! TWO of my fics.

*dances like a maniac*

pretty behind the cut )

and then I flail about Pete Wentz being a media whore. It's rather entertaining. Trust me. )


[ profile] b_dsaint Sweetie, honey, sugar-plum I ADORE YOUR AWESOME FACE. THANKS FOR ALL THE PRETTY!!!

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