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So! It's [ profile] dancinbutterfly's birthday and you know that that means? Yes. Porn. Yes, I know I am SO predictable. Rach honey, don't get excited, I'm afraid you have ALREADY read this ficlet, but I never posted it and I didn't have anything fresh baked for you for your birthday (OMG BBB HELL OMG) but I couldn't let your big day pass without SOME kind of porntastic acknowledgement!

So! Here is some Bob/Ryan domestic!bliss sleepy-sex fic set in my Movie'verse what I wrote just for you *cough*lastyear*cough*. Hopefully it will be just as fun on it's second read.


Fandom: Bandom - MCR & P!ATD
Title: Paisley and Xbox
Pairing: Bob/Ryan
Length: ~2000 words
A/N: Huge thanks to [ profile] mistresscurvy for taking up excellent last minute beta duties. I owe you one, feel free to collect whenever you like!

Summary: Ryan's first morning back in LA.

Ryan's awake before he opens his eyes. )
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In Production

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy (& Panic! At The Disco)
Pairings: Gerard/Brian, Pete/Patrick (background Bob/Ryan)
Word Count: 68, 433 words
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: With two cult movies under his belt, "The Umbrella Academy" is Writer/Director Gerard Way's first chance at a big budget mainstream hit. The last thing he needs on top of meddling studio heads and budget blowouts is to be battling his attraction to hot stunt coordinator Brian Schechter.

Producer Pete Wentz has his own problems in the form studio of executive Patrick Stump. Except Patrick is no typical studio hack and he's getting under Pete's skin in a way that could cost a lot more than the budget.

Author's Notes: Huge thanks to my wonderful betas and helpers. To [ profile] b_dsaint for her incredible feedback and dedication, for the gift of semi colons and her amazing love of the fic. You are my savior. To [ profile] dancinbutterfly for convincing me to write it in the first place, based on her prompt, and holding me accountable for every word - this is yours babe, I hope it's what you wanted it to be. Last but not least to the ever-awesome [ profile] gracie321 for being my fresh eyes and most excellent audiencing. Also shout outs to the incredible [ profile] bandombigbang mods and my wonderful f-list for all the love and support.

ETA - Now available as a rockin' (WIP) podfic as read by the incredible [ profile] pennyplainknits

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Cast and Crew list

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Header by [ profile] aneas

Gerard and Brian by [ profile] moondarri

Plus One by [ profile] schneestern
The Coming Thunder by [ profile] toucanpie
Last Scene by [ profile] b_dsaint
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A list of the cast and crew of The Umbrella Academy film as per my [ profile] bandombigbang entry In Production.

Disclaimer: This post contains no actual information about the REAL Umbrella Academy movie, it's simply fantasy casting for an AU fanfiction piece.

Fictional IMDb Page for The Umbrella Academy )

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