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Hey look, I'm not dead! I've not posted for so very long I have no idea where to start! I've been back in Australia for 6 months and have a fair amount of sunburn to show for it. It's damn HOT.

I tend to pop up a lot more on Twitter than I do on LJ these days. I folded and got myself a tumblr as well, but I have to admit, I don't really GET tumblr yet. It's very pretty, yes, but I just don't really know what to do except reblog pretty pictures. I miss the part where there is communication and connection between people.

Anyway, it's 2013! Wow! I've not yet done my end of year fic roundup. I think I'm going to wait until after [ profile] bandomstuffsit reveals to do that so I can include the fic I wrote for stuffsit.

Speaking of - anyone want to hazard a guess which fic I wrote for [ profile] bandomstuffsit? I think the reveals are only a day or two away, but there's still time to guess! C'mon! I'll notfic you something if you get it right.

The fic I received for [ profile] bandomstuffsit is AWESOME. The Creation Of Beauty - it's Ryan/Spencer post-divorce fic with secret kinks and secret identities and longing and pining and Brendon oversharing and being awesome. I love it a LOT. You should check it out.

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the stuffsit fics as they've been posting, but the ones I've read I've been loving.

There were TWO a new excellent Ray/Ian fics!
Keep It Steady where they are both community centre guitar teachers and Tonight (We Are Young) - super sweet established couple fic!

This adorable Mikey/Ray where Mikey is a vampire: Release The Bats

And this awesome Mikey/Ray crossdressing fic which I LOVED: Second Skin

And this super-cute Pete/Mikey: Like Two Birds Of A Feather Would Be

I still have so many more to read! Yay new fic! So exciting.

I'd also like to participate in the Snowflake Challenge this year if I can manage it. I've already taken the first step and updated my fic Masterlist so it's all nice and shiny and up to date. The coding is a pain, but I always feel better once it's up to date.

How are you today lovely flist? How's 2013 treating you?
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This list is a WIP. It is by NO MEANS complete. In fact, it is painfully incomplete. I am TERRIBLE at keeping track of things I've read (and even worse at ones I haven't) so I've no doubt missed a lot of great fic, therefore I need your help! Please link me to fics in the comments I have missed so I can add them! Ray-centric fics only. This should be a reclist of fic where Ray is the main event. Because he's worth it.

Massive thanks to [ profile] anoneknewmoose for html help and links and to [ profile] akamine_chan for being an LJ guru.

Ray/Mikey )
Jet Star/Kobra Kid )
Ray/Gerard )
Ray/Frank )
Ray/Bob )
Threesomes! )
Ray/Everyone )
Ray solo )
Gen )
Ray/Ian )
Ray/Spencer )
Ray/Dallon Weekes )
Ray/Patrick Stump )
Ray/Dewees )
Ray/Christa )

ETA - Massive thanks to [ profile] turlough, [ profile] monkey_pie, [ profile] sneaky_sena, [ profile] pennyplainknits, [ profile] shinetheway, [ profile] halfeatenmoon, [ profile] anoneknewmoose and [ profile] akamine_chan for their valuable additions, and also for convincing me to add my own fics to the list.

New additions always welcome! Please feel free to let me know about new Ray fic!
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Hi! So I haven't posted in a while, and apparently I'm still not ready to make a real post. So let's talk about Transformative Works.

I have no idea what I did to be so lucky (except maybe have blanket permission?) but there have been quite a few of my stories being transformed lately and I am kind of super excited about this.

A (surprisingly long) list of recent transformative works! )

And while I've got your attention, here are some other cool things you might like )

There is a lot to be happy about. And I also have a [ profile] mizubyte and life is awesome.
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Aahahahaa, okay so we were talking on Twitter about feedback; kudos vs comments and how sometimes you love a story A LOT and really WANT to comment, but don't and then never do and I discovered I'm not the only person who psyches themselves out of commenting like that. So here, have THE GUILT MEME:

We've all done it. That fic that you've read eleventy billion times and never actually commented on. Or maybe you only read it once but it was so good - SO fucking good that you just didn't know how to EXPRESS how good it was so you never actually commented, or you read it on your e-reader and never went back to comment, or you went back to comment and wound up re-reading it and STILL didn't comment, or it's been around forever and you kind of let yourself off the hook without commenting because there were ALREADY so many comments, surely the writer knows it's awesome, right?

Consider this meme a confessional. WHAT FICS ARE THEY?

The fics I never commented on and I SHOULD HAVE )

OKAY, NOW YOU. Let's try and make this a meme!

Speak freely, nothing will get held against you. This doesn't mean you have to go leave comments NOW, like, unless you WANT TO, that's not the point. The point is, CONFESS.

P.S. It's kind of disheartening how every single one of these links was readily available in my browser history. THAT'S how often I reread these. /o\
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Okay, so I was tweeting with [ profile] gala_apples and [ profile] turps33 and [ profile] dangerous_47 earlier about Summer of Like and I just need to post a little about how it continues to be one of my VERY FAVOURITE pieces of canon. So many feelings. Love, despair, friendship, augh. Sweet little dudes. Ex-friends, better off as lovers etc.

click for huge

If you don't know what I'm talking about, dear god read this ship manifesto NOW.

So, there are a lot of songs about Mikey and Pete's doomed love turned eternal friendship and Pete's written most of them. )

Half-assed RECS! )

So, TALK TO ME ABOUT SUMMER OF LIKE. What was your favourite canon thing? How do you think it went down? What are your favourite SOL fics? Link me to some picspams! Tell me things I've forgotten/gotten wrong! What OTHER songs should be on the epic playlist of "songs about the Summer Of Like"?

Tell me about the epic Summer Of Like fic you want someone to write! (EDIT! [ profile] turps33 TOTALLY DID. READ IT. Not!fic things in the comments! Write me Pete-like blog entries. Pimp this post to your friends and make THEM talk to me about SOL.

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LOOK! A fest all about Bandom being kinky!

You should go and leave/fill some prompts about Ray Toro RIGHT NOW. C'mon, it's fun to parade your kinks in front of the world.

As long as I am being bossy, (and hey, it could work for inspiration too) you should really go and check out the completely awesome podfic [ profile] pennyplainknits made of my Pete/Patrick/Mikey bonkfest Emergency Contact. OMG that fic is SO porny and she did SO well, it's sounds so much better than it reads off the page plus she has a gorgeous accent and voice. Go, treat yourself and listen!

I also feel that I need to say at this juncture, that despite what my twitter feed might otherwise display, I am NOT getting into Sherlock Fandom. I am just reading a few fics (like this excellent movie AU where they are actors OMG, but don't read the notes just read the fic, the notes really bothered me for some reason) but I can STOP WHENEVER I WANT. Not my new fandom. But if anyone has any recs, particularly for fic set after The Reichenbach Fall you can just leave them in the comments, okay? Shh.

Hi, it's raining in London and I'm wearing inappropriate shoes. How are you?
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Hey hey hey, so it was pouring rain yesterday and I got soaked on the way to work :( but I dried out eventually and my day improved with the addition of a nice cup of tea and some Patrick Stump.

I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, but I'm going to try to post more and keep up with comments this year. And COMMENT ON FICS when I READ THEM, fuck I am so BAD at doing that. I spent most of my spare moments yesterday clearing my LJ inbox and answering comments from as early as like, July. So if you got a comment reply from me for something you posted ages ago - that's why!

Anyway - today is the reveals for the [ profile] bandomstuffsit! I'm taking a page out of [ profile] turps33's book and asking - does anyone want to guess which one I wrote? (Hint: If you're on twitter you'll know I was freaking because it involved writing characters I'd NEVER written before, and I was whining about it. So there's that, but I feel like aside from that aspect it is obvious from SPACE that I wrote it.)

Anyone got a guess? Anyone? C'mon play with meeeeee...

I'll also take this opportunity to pimp the story that was written for ME and say I'm rather desperate to know who wrote THAT too! It's The Things Frank Plays by SOMEONE AWESOME. Gerard gets hard to handle on tour so Lindsey hires him a hooker, in the form of FRANK. It's really fucking gorgeous, hot, adorable, funny and I just LOVE the way that Frank is written in it. And Gerard is so GERARD, and did I mention the sex? Because it is SMOKING.

How about a list of some of the other stories from the exchange I really enjoyed?

Half Assed Recs List! )

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there's still so many I haven't read! /o\ Which ones did YOU love, dear flist, so I can make sure I put them on my to-read list?

Oh man, I just realised that posting a recs list in the same post as a guessing post might be giving a lot away (though I did comment on all those fics so it's not like I'm giving THAT much away.)
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Okay, I seem to have LJ back, but I won't be counting my chickens. I haven't been able to use it hardly at all this entire week, but if it will let me, I have things to share!

Like, it was my birthday on Monday! I am YOUNG FOR TREES. And because I am the LUCKIEST PERSON, I got PRESENTS!

[ profile] mizubyte made me a new journal layout! And it's SO GORGEOUS. Go on, click my username, have a look. I CAN'T STOP STARING AT IT. I have never had a custom layout before because I suck, and now I have an AWESOME one and I didn't even have to make it myself - SCORE. MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE SMARTEST.

Miz also wrote me FIC. Not just any fic but THE SEQUEL TO Failboat Frontmen which was the one I FORCED her to write ages ago because that's how I roll. It's a near-canon AU not-ficcy thing where Frank never joined MCR and instead fronted Leathermouth and they got huge and tour with MCR and he and Gerard are FRONTMEN IN LOVE and crash each other's shows and make eyes at each other on Steve's Untitled Rock Show and stuff. Anyway, it's AWESOME she's written Frontmen In Love which follows their continued adventures and it's smiling inducing and has lots of hot porn, so it's basically my perfect fic.

Oh and she totally made me this ridiculously fabulous hand-clappy icon too. More ridiculous Yo Gabba Gabba icons here!

[ profile] bebunny played to my weaknesses and wrote COMPLETELY AWESOME Sky Pirate Ray! It's a wee companion fic to her completely awesome Clockwork Angels, giving Ray some time in the sun, and getting him laid, which I am ALWAYS in favour of. The girl writes the BEST fucking world-building you guys, you have no idea. I am in awe.

And if that wasn't ENOUGH, the totally awesome [ profile] draconic_girl made a podfic of Skeleton Records. It's completely smile inducing, so go grab that if you want to listen to her read you the story of Gerard's ridiculous not-date with the hot guy from the record store.

In short - I am SPOILED.

I also got to go to the zoo, and hang out with my friends and do other awesome stuff.

Oh and yeah, there was also THAT WHOLE THING WITH THE SNOWFLAKES )

Yeah, so hopefully LJ will behave, so I can answer some comments because I'm SO fucking behind. Also, I have porn to post. If I can find time to prep it.

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Look I'm not dead! I am just... IDEK, not around much. Those who are on my twitter feed will know that I recently started a new awesome yet demanding job which is eating me alive, and prior to that I was being eaten alive by my crazed, last minute writing spree to get my [ profile] bandombigbang fic done. I'm still kind of flailing in the general direction of my bbb fic, I had to request a late posting date because oh man I need EVERY SINGLE SECOND and new job = crazy demanding.

So really, there ain't that much left of me that hasn't been nibbled on from all sides, my spare time these days is ZERO.

But enough of all that palaver!

Can I be the LATEST to say thank you to everyone who responded to my thread on the You Are Beautiful Anonymeme? Just, I don't even know where to start, I think I'm going to have to save up that thread to read on days when the world is kicking my ass because it's SO wonderful and life affirming and happymaking for me. God, I adore you guys. For those of you who said you don't know me that well or wished you knew me better - STEP UP bb's! I'm right here! I try to be approachable, I swear I do.

Anyway, let's talk about FIC. See, last week I got to meet [ profile] chuckaloonie IN PERSON. And oh man I could NOT STOP HUGGING HER. She is tiny and adorable and so so sweet and she gave me candy from Mexico and we talked about fic and boys and stupidity with [ profile] kopperblaze, [ profile] bebunny, [ profile] xclusiveantonym, [ profile] never_coming_bk (who made amazing CUPCAKES!) and [ profile] piratesunk was there for a while, but way before me because I am the LATEST.

Anyway, awesome fangirl lovepiles aside - Laura has not been able to keep up with fandom lately (what, with the whole, having a life thing) and she's been MISSING ALL THE FIC.

So, she has charged me and [ profile] bebunny to make a list of the ten not-to-be-missed fics of the last six months. And since I believe in being lazy being efficient I thought perhaps y'all could remind me - what is a recent fic that really REALLY knocked your socks off? I'm already percolating some of my own ideas, but I need some reminding.

A few little details as to preference! Bandom of course, MCR-centric preferred, and she's not really big on Killjoys. Also, if Bob's in it there may be tears of joy. And she likes her porn.

THANK YOU OH F-LIST OF WISDOM. *hugs you all* I missed the shit out of you guys.
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I'm sure we all already saw these, but JUST IN CASE you missed them, Pete and Patrick were being adorable on Twitter again last night. Because Patrick tweeted that he was seeking questions from his followers for his next interview, and of course Pete - being one of his followers - decided to send him a question. About himself. To Patrick. Because Pete is a total attention seeker and would totally do that. NOTICE ME PATRICK. NOTICE ME.


How much do I love that Pete continues to be Patrick's biggest fan? (I'll give you a hint: a LOT.)

And if that weren't enough, this morning I saw this one:

Pete wants to be a farmer. With the Madden twins. I'm not making this up. )

Oh Pete. Never change. Always tweet when you're feeling happy and want to stir shit up and never EVER filter.

ETA! It's vaguely twitter related, since Pete tweeted about having sake with a dear friend in LA which inspired [ profile] romanticalgirl to write some sweet little dudes fic because Mikey was totally in LA at the time:

INSTA-REC Arrival Gates and Departure Times. (AKA the fic my heart has needed since I heard about Pete's divorce. ALL the hearts.)

You're welcome.
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Holy shit MISFITS. Holy shit how awesome is that show? I just finished marathoning Seasons 1 and 2 in the last few days and now I want ALL the Simon/mildly spoilery pairing is mildly spoilery )


Ahhhh sweet, shy, socially inept, pale, covered up, obsessed with comics/sci fi/movies/The Smiths, creepy, genius Simon. NOT THAT I HAVE A TYPE OR ANYTHING.

Anyway, back to my [ profile] no_tags coma. Who else is in a [ profile] no_tags coma? Seriously, SO MUCH TO READ. I haven't even made it halfway yet. Did everyone see the awesome Gerard as a tattoo artist one that got written for my prompt? Isn't it awesome? I want MORE.

Ugh I am in fic heaven. There is like, behind the scenes video shoot shenanigans, killjoys fic of win, fantastic early days fic, adorable office fic, sexy period crossdressing, roomies fic and college AU of my HEART, Lyn-Z as a sexbot droid, psychics, space pirates, vampires and werewolves, achy wonderful Waycest and SO MUCH MORE.

Reveals are soon! I am THE MOST CURIOUS. Does anyone even have a vague guess at which one is mine? ANYONE? Bueller? Come on... I am SO CURIOUS. Take a punt!
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I know, I know I'm terrible. I'm way behind on comments AGAIN and my flist AGAIN and I am blaming work AGAIN.

Anyway - prior to all the BUYING TICKETS and the release of the AWESOME new MCR single and all the FANTASTIC new interviews and canon and tweets, I actually meant to make this post, and maybe now that everyone's had time to digest the INCREDIBLE INFLUX OF CANON, you might be ready for some more awesome:

Firstly, heads up motorbabies, [ profile] defect_no9 has ripped a Dr Deathdefying broadcast right off the airwaves and turned into ones and zeroes for us. Check it out, it's A Dr DeathDefying Pirate Radio Bootleg

Seriously, this is an AWESOME fanmix. This is the music to listen to while we WAIT FOR THE FUCKING ALBUM. [ profile] defect_no9 whipped this up for This Might Get Messy, Kids but it totally works for pretty much all of dustverse/killjoys 'verse. Listen to it while you read all the new fic based on MCR's awesome new world. IT'S MUSIC TO FUEL A REVOLUTION, MOTORBABIES.

Speaking of TMGMK - [ profile] podklb is working on a podfic for it. HOW BOUNCY AM I ABOUT THIS? VERY FUCKING BOUNCY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. She hasn't released it yet, so go and bang down her door and let her know how much you want to hear it. MAKE SOME NOISE.

And speaking of dustverse - does everyone already know about [ profile] dustverse? I'm late to this party aren't I? It's a comm for fic, icons, discussion, art - anything and everything to do with MCR's amazing new 'verse. There's already a bunch of awesome content up there.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, an AMAZING ANONYMOUS POSTER, left me Gerard/Trans Am carsex commentporn. I can say in all honesty I have NEVER read carsex before and while the idea was kind of fascinating (and weird), the reality is fucking hot (and weird). I'm serious, check it out. It's also a completely believable kink for Gerard.

So yes, there is some awesome that's out there, and it looks like there's so much more awesome on the way as everyone starts diving into the Killjoys 'verse, plus all the other awesome fic that's coming. And hey, the single is up for sale tomorrow WOO! And NME is saying that Danger Days is the best rock record of the year by such a margin that you actually feel rather embarrassed for everybody else. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Can't. Wait.

ETA! I totally forgot that [ profile] b_dsaint has published the ultimate canon cheat sheet: The Bandom Timeline - detailing all the significant events for the bandom bands side-by-side. It's amazing and I'm already referring to it constantly. Go check it out and tell her she's awesome (because she is).
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So who wanted to kill that Zane guy on Radio 1? I don't think I'll make a habit of tuning in to listen to him.

Anyway, I was practicing my ripping skills, so if you missed the Interview (where they talk about how NA NA NA was the fucking TURNING POINT SONG that made them decide to scrap everything else and start again! OMG) here it is in mp3's.

BBC Radio 1 Part 1 - Interview with Gerard and first play of Na Na Na on sendpsace

BBC Radio 1 Part 2 - More interview with Gerard and second play of Na Na Na on sendspace

I also got out my scissors and snipped out the first play of the single:

Just the Na Na Na single by itself on sendspace

(I know everybody already has it via [ profile] maryangel200 but you can never have enough versions! There is a bit of Zane talking at start and end, but the quality is quite alright.)

ETA! [ profile] shiningartifact has uploaded a REALLY FUCKING GOOD RIP of Na Na Na. High quality, no DJ's talking over it. Tell her how awesome she is - and she's also got a probably highly superior Radio 1 rips here too.

ETA! [ profile] b_dsaint has got a lyrics discussion post here!
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Got a question? Gerard Way is the answer!
Gerard Way so good you want it again.
It's not a trick, it's a Gerard Way.
Gerard Way is an investment in good appearance.

I have been playing with Sloganmaker too much, it seems!

FIRSTLY! Karma has been a HUGE BITCH to [ profile] saxihighlandck and money woes look like they might make her cancel a much longed for trip back home (including non-refundable shit). So! She is WHORING HERSELF OUT and selling her soul fic to try to raise some $$$. CHECK OUT HER BARGAIN FIC SALE HERE. You could purchase a fic or fics of your VERY OWN and help out a fellow fangirl in need. I've also whored myself out to her cause and am offering three fics for sale for her - buyers choice. ANYTHING YOU WANT. Send the poor girl home already.

Secondly, huge thanks to everyone who wrote me fic for my Revenge of the Reverse Ficlet Meme thingy. IT WORKED. YOU BROKE MY BLOCK. I AM WRITING AGAIN. So thank you!

List of awesome stories behind the cut )

I am SPOILED ROTTEN YOU GUYS. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. It's never to late to claim a prompt and [ profile] rockeandroll, [ profile] bebunny, [ profile] villiagegreen and [ profile] gala_apples still have prompts on offer too, so go see if you get bitten by a bunny (because if no one writes violent moshpit sexings for [ profile] gala_apples I MIGHT DIE.)

In other news, I MADE A FANMIX because my tremendous love for [ profile] brooklinegirl's amazing fic This Town Is Wrong can apparently only be expressed through song. Or rather, through 17 very carefully selected songs. Download it and enjoy! And if you haven't read the fic yet, DEAR GOD, do yourself a favour and go and read it. It's WONDERFUL. Gorgeous, adorable, heart-clenchy and satisfying and it has artist Gerard and teenage Frank, and some of the hottest sex I have ever read EVER (and I have read a LOT of porn. A LOT.)

Speaking of porn, if you haven't already downloaded [ profile] shiningartifact's awesome podfic of A Matter Of Logistics by brooklinegirl what is WRONG with you? It's delicious, incredibly well read and incineratingly hot. I have a HUGE crush on [ profile] shiningartifact's voice and I just want her to to read me porn FOREVER.

Also! [ profile] b_dsaint is running a Bandom Video Music Awards over at her LJ and she's currently taking nominations. Categories are awesome, with stuff like Best AU Storyline Video, Best Slashy Moment in a Video, Worst Acting and all kinds of fun shit. Go nominate!

In conclusion! Let's watch Matt Skiba eat cupcakes.

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Hey so, apparently when I've had too many mojitos I plan chat parties. WHO KNEW? The good news is, y'all humour me so:



In approximately 19 hours we shall commence flailing like twelve year olds on AIM. That will be 8am London Time - here is the current local time in London.
Details! Details! )

In the meantime y'all should go hit up [ profile] villiagegreen for her awesome Drunken Peach Upside Down Cake recipe - the official cake of the Fannish Lovepile!

AND you should go read some porn. Specifically [ profile] gracie321's Leather Studded Kiss. It's like 8.5k of sub!Frank! With Gerard being all dominant and talking plenty of hot sin at him. It all started with [ profile] chuckaloonie's suggestion that dom!Gerard should get sub!Frank to wear his collar onstage. Yeah, that girl gives GOOD prompt. Anyway it's [ profile] gracie321 so you know the porn is searingly hot. Don't just listen to me talk about. Read it.

And that's the end!
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I can finally post the wonderful art [ profile] b_dsaint made for No Experience Necessary

Their FAAAACES! Frankie's lip! The store! The sign in the background! Isn't it wondrous and gleeful? OH MY!

Also of the coolness is [ profile] villiagegreen's Reverse Ficlet Meme. Have you done it? DO IT! Release your bunnies and get free fic!

Look at all the cool fic I got! There is porn and hilarity everywhere! And [ profile] coreopsis turned her awesome Bob/Gerard into a real actual fic and it's SWEET!

I even caught some ficlet bunnies and wrote:

asshole!Leathermouth!Frank for [ profile] b_dsaint
sex toy designer!Gee and nervous!Frank for [ profile] slashxyouxup
and girl!gee and Lindsey BFF's with bonus Frank for [ profile] liescontinue

And I really should be writing my Wave 2 BBB. Though in other news I've broken 33 000 words on that one. DUDE. I don't even know.
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[ profile] bebunny finished her Ray/Gerard fic based on the infamous eyefucking photo!

It's over here and it's gorgeous!
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I love my F-list so hard right now.

I whinged about being hungover and [ profile] dancinbutterfly wrote me awesome comment fic of awesome because she is made of awesome. It's Pete/??? and it's just equal parts sweet and funny with a biting tang of angst for good measure. Pete is very quickly becoming one of my new favourite things which is incredibly suprising to me since I'm really not very well versed with FOB but he's just SUCH a good character. And [ profile] dancinbutterfly has his number, oh yes.

Do yourself a favour and read I've Got (Champagne) Headaches. (And if it makes you pine for more Pete then go read her So Why Don't You Slide too which is Pete/Mikey Summer of Like featuring waterpark gropings and wet-and-shirtless Mikeyway.)

Not to mention a few days ago when I started squeeing all over this photo of Gerard of the Hotness eyefucking Ray The Oblivious. Photo taken by Frank because he is the best. It made me ache for some Ray/Gerard and GUESS WHAT?

[profile] b_dsaint wrote me comment fic of cuteness and light with oblivious Ray and pining Gerard told through the eyes of Frankie the matchmaking photographer as Bob and Mikey give him loads of shit. It is OF THE CUTE. Read it NOW.

And if that weren't enough to make me the happiest and squee-ing-est ever [profile] magic_electric and [ profile] bebunny were ALSO bitten by the prompt-ridden pic and are writing their own Ray/Gerard's inspired by that pic. It just makes me GLEE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

You talented people rock my fucking world.
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Bandom friends, if you haven't yet found your way to [ profile] bandomkinkmeme then go. Now.

It's a like a swap meet for smut.

Good smut.

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So I have been a little lost since my re-emergence from The Seven Year Cave. I have been slutting my way around slash fandoms not entirely focused any one pairing, just reading whatever takes my fancy (and continuing to be hella impressed by the number of very fine writers doing fanfic. I mean, wow. Why aren't these people writing professionally?)

So in my fandom promiscuity I stumble into bandom because it looks like it might be comfy. I think I will always be obsessed with musician slash in one way or another. But I immediately feel lost because half the bands I haven't heard of and the other half I know by name but not by tune. I finally see something familiar in the form of My Chemical Romance, because I hey wow, here is a band I listen to and actually own CDs of, so I start reading the fic... and then I see some of the videos....

I was going to cut this for FANNISH SQUEE but dammit I am not going to because I AM NOT ASHAMED! I SQUEE PROUDLY. )

and OMG heaven with
  • unlimited amounts of High School AU (yum my favourite, Wagger & The Fairy anyone?)
  • which of course was inspired by the music video where they are students at a preppy school complete with uniforms and TIES & bonus boykiss on camera
  • not to mention HELLO boys in makeup! and tatts! and crazy hair!
  • and of course frontman Gerard is a total poser who keeps changing the length/colour of his hair and pouring his heart out everywhere (sound familiar?)
and then [profile] madame_d sent me over to [ profile] crack_van for which I will be eternally grateful because I found the MCR overview which led to the Gerard/Frank Ship Manifesto which is basically four pages of SQUEEEERIFFIC boytouching, hand holding, hugging, cuddling, stroking, posing, lap sitting, beaming, groping, licking and MAKING OUT ON STAGE CONSTANTLY. And there is photo and video of EVERYTHING.

It's like some kind of slash goldmine.

So now I have MCR basically on rotation on my ipod, half a fic written and giant heart shapes in my pupils because crikey I've never seen two boys so in luurve. I haven't gone this rabid fangirl since Affirmation came out.

But my fucking word it is good to be fannishly excited/obsessively fixated on something again! Wahey!

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