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If you could all please let me know right away the reasons why I should not sign up for [ profile] crossbigbang to write Misfits/MCR crossover fic where Gerard is (for some reason I have yet to invent) doing community service with the rest of the crew and discovering he has far too much in common with Simon PLEASE TELL ME NOW.

No. I'm serious. EATING MY BRAIN.

Also, less than an hour til end of bidding on me at [ profile] qldfloodauction. Just FYI.
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Okay gorgeous flisties, so it's now Australia Day in my home country. Which means you have approximately 19 hours left to bid on me at the [ profile] qldfloodauction. What is this in aid of? My post where I explain why I'm participating. Obviously the worst of the actual flooding is over but there is a LOT of cleanup and a LOT of rebuilding to be done. Which means $$$ is the best way forward for a lot of my fellow Queenslanders - thus the fundraising!

What the winning bid will get - a minimum of 2k of fic (and hey, I'm wordy these days, it will likely be more) written by me! For you! Pairing of your choice - preferably one I've written before but hey, I am open to challenges. I will even try Waycest!

My bidding thread

Bid hard, bid often.

Also, for your reference (though I doubt it will be necessary, ha. Like I'm that popular), here is the local time in Sydney, Australia - bidding closes at 11:59pm EDT (ie. the time on that clock).

Happy bidding folks!

ETA. Completely off topic, but I was updating my Masterlist and I noticed my first two fics posted of the new year are both het and wife centric. Huh. I totally didn't plan that.
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I'm sure you've all heard by now about [ profile] qldfloodauction. I don't know how many of you know that Brisbane is my hometown, but it is. It's somewhat surreal to be in London seeing the news reports roll in about how three quarters of my home state is underwater. To see photos and footage of streets I used to walk down, places I used to shop, bridges I've crossed, places I've lived and worked - destroyed and waterlogged.

Some picture examples )

My family and friends back home so far are okay - lucky enough to live on high enough ground, thank god, but that doesn't change just how many people have become homeless from this - and how much work lies ahead with cleanup and rebuilding the socalled sunshine state.

So I'm putting myself up for auction to try to raise money for this cause. My thread is here. I'm offering a minimum of 2k of fic, bidders choice.

I know I still have outstanding debts from a previous auction - I'm working on those right now, just so you know. I couldn't not participate in this, it's too close to home - literally and symbolically.

If anyone else is participating in the auction please let me know - I'm ready to bid.

Auction closes on the 26th of January. Porn for a cause people. Happy bidding!

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