Dec. 7th, 2011

ladyfoxxx: (clap your hands!)
Okay, I seem to have LJ back, but I won't be counting my chickens. I haven't been able to use it hardly at all this entire week, but if it will let me, I have things to share!

Like, it was my birthday on Monday! I am YOUNG FOR TREES. And because I am the LUCKIEST PERSON, I got PRESENTS!

[ profile] mizubyte made me a new journal layout! And it's SO GORGEOUS. Go on, click my username, have a look. I CAN'T STOP STARING AT IT. I have never had a custom layout before because I suck, and now I have an AWESOME one and I didn't even have to make it myself - SCORE. MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE SMARTEST.

Miz also wrote me FIC. Not just any fic but THE SEQUEL TO Failboat Frontmen which was the one I FORCED her to write ages ago because that's how I roll. It's a near-canon AU not-ficcy thing where Frank never joined MCR and instead fronted Leathermouth and they got huge and tour with MCR and he and Gerard are FRONTMEN IN LOVE and crash each other's shows and make eyes at each other on Steve's Untitled Rock Show and stuff. Anyway, it's AWESOME she's written Frontmen In Love which follows their continued adventures and it's smiling inducing and has lots of hot porn, so it's basically my perfect fic.

Oh and she totally made me this ridiculously fabulous hand-clappy icon too. More ridiculous Yo Gabba Gabba icons here!

[ profile] bebunny played to my weaknesses and wrote COMPLETELY AWESOME Sky Pirate Ray! It's a wee companion fic to her completely awesome Clockwork Angels, giving Ray some time in the sun, and getting him laid, which I am ALWAYS in favour of. The girl writes the BEST fucking world-building you guys, you have no idea. I am in awe.

And if that wasn't ENOUGH, the totally awesome [ profile] draconic_girl made a podfic of Skeleton Records. It's completely smile inducing, so go grab that if you want to listen to her read you the story of Gerard's ridiculous not-date with the hot guy from the record store.

In short - I am SPOILED.

I also got to go to the zoo, and hang out with my friends and do other awesome stuff.

Oh and yeah, there was also THAT WHOLE THING WITH THE SNOWFLAKES )

Yeah, so hopefully LJ will behave, so I can answer some comments because I'm SO fucking behind. Also, I have porn to post. If I can find time to prep it.


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