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So, like the rest of my f-list I shall reveal to you my soul fic!

So I wrote the Gerard/Lyn-Z crossdressing fic Black Satin - here at [ profile] no_tags or here at my journal. It seems like while the pairing threw some people (it's not exactly one of my ususals - I have only written Gerard/Lyn-Z once before and it was femmeslash because I made Gee a girl so I don't even know if that counts) but a handful of people picked it as me IMMEDIATELY because I am the MOST OBVIOUS.

I had [ profile] dancinbutterfly with me on claims day and we were both madly scanning the MOMENT the post went up. I remember I was looking for a Frank/Gerard prompt because I feel like I've been neglecting my OTP lately but when I saw Gerard/Lyn-Z crossdressing: Gerard in Lyn-Z's stage outfit - schoolgirl skirt, snug jacket, stockings, panties that one just SPOKE to me.

Writing it was such a marathon, OMG. [ profile] dancinbutterfly and I hit the pub the Sunday before due date and just knuckled down and WROTE. I got 4k written that day at the pub, Rach and I with our laptops and T joined us later with a book and OMG we are SUCH DORKS that our idea of a good time is going to a pub to WRITE. But even after 5K I hadn't really gotten to the sex. I'm sure everyone on twitter was SO SICK OF ME WHINING all OMG LONG FIC IS LONG WILL THIS NEVER END all day. I tend to get very active on twitter when I am supposed to be doing work. WHAT?

God I can't believe it wound up being 7k of like ONE SCENE of PORN. I am SO WORDY. I used to be able to bang out a fic in 2000 words. Those days are GONE BABY GONE. By the end I had no idea how I felt about it, it just felt like OMG TOO MANY WORDS FOR WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY.

But luckily I had a [ profile] pikasafire to look it over for me and convince me that YES it's totally worth posting, for which I am MOST grateful. Then [ profile] shiningartifact totally squeezed in time to beta it on her lunchbreak at work on the DAY OF POSTING with ZERO NOTICE because I am crap with deadlines and she is awesome and made of magic and rainbows. Really C, I owe you SO MUCH, you really improved it and so FAST.

The coolest part of it all is that the prompt I got was [ profile] brooklinegirl's and I had NO idea that it was when I was writing it~ And apparently people kept guessing that SHE wrote the fic and she DID NOT CORRECT THEM because she was being stealthy and trying to distract people from identifying her totally awesome Making Of fic as hers. Not to mention that [ profile] shiningartifact knew it was T's prompt when she betaed it and KEPT IT A SECRET like a champ. Ahahahaa. I love this anon thing, it's SO MUCH FUN.

Seriously, I've had SUCH a good time participating and I'll totally be back next year. All the kudos to [ profile] airgiodslv for running such a great challenge.
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Fandom: - Bandom, MCR
Title: Black Satin
Pairing/Prompt: #27 Gerard/Lyn-Z crossdressing: Gerard in Lyn-Z's stage outfit - schoolgirl skirt, snug jacket, stockings, panties
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~7000
Notes: Written for [ profile] no_tags, originally posted here. Thanks so SO much to [ profile] shiningartifact for superb and fast beta with zero notice (seriously, she is made of magic and rainbows), to [ profile] pikasafire and [ profile] dancinbutterfly for convincing me it was good enough to post and [ profile] b_dsaint for handholding and generally being awesome.

Gerard doesn't even think about what he's doing. He just does it.  )
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Holy shit MISFITS. Holy shit how awesome is that show? I just finished marathoning Seasons 1 and 2 in the last few days and now I want ALL the Simon/mildly spoilery pairing is mildly spoilery )


Ahhhh sweet, shy, socially inept, pale, covered up, obsessed with comics/sci fi/movies/The Smiths, creepy, genius Simon. NOT THAT I HAVE A TYPE OR ANYTHING.

Anyway, back to my [ profile] no_tags coma. Who else is in a [ profile] no_tags coma? Seriously, SO MUCH TO READ. I haven't even made it halfway yet. Did everyone see the awesome Gerard as a tattoo artist one that got written for my prompt? Isn't it awesome? I want MORE.

Ugh I am in fic heaven. There is like, behind the scenes video shoot shenanigans, killjoys fic of win, fantastic early days fic, adorable office fic, sexy period crossdressing, roomies fic and college AU of my HEART, Lyn-Z as a sexbot droid, psychics, space pirates, vampires and werewolves, achy wonderful Waycest and SO MUCH MORE.

Reveals are soon! I am THE MOST CURIOUS. Does anyone even have a vague guess at which one is mine? ANYONE? Bueller? Come on... I am SO CURIOUS. Take a punt!

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